Fantasy, Fairytale & Folklore Fantasy themed auction (Tophatter)

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Passive networking of this group will also succeed by the very nature of its contents and members. Members should periodically compose very carefully considered magical and inspiring Treasury collections that inspire others to check out the group from time to time!

A Facebook page for this Etsy group has been created, please feel free to join it also as we can also collectively promote this group on FB

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Original Post

I am considering creating an auction on Tophatter to showcase fantasy, fairytale and whimsical artists and craft makers, as some of us have trouble fitting into the general markets. The auction would be advertised to fantasy lovers by me and hopefully the members taking part, on all social media sites we can.
I would like to open the auction to this team, as well as some other like-minded teams I am a part of.
It would probably take place in early to mid October.

For any of you unfamiliar with Tophatter, I can walk you through the process. It works like a regular silent auction, the item goes to the highest bidder, and the artist sets a minimum for bids.

Please leave your thoughts if you'd be interested in taking part!

Posted at 11:29 pm Sep 23, 2012 EDT


We are not familiar with Tophatter but sounds cool!

Posted at 7:24 am Sep 25, 2012 EDT

Hi Shannon & Jill! Would you be interested in entering an item or two?

For anyone who is confused, I have copy & pasted this from my other thread, this should give you some idea of how Tophatter works. It's really quite simple.
The auction is simple, there is a chat room where you can see the list of upcoming items, and each item will be put in the spotlight for a short time allowing people in the room to place the minimum bid, until the highest bidder wins. The item is not sold if there are no bids, and the creator isnt charged unless there is a sale.

To sign up, you make an account and add your items and describe them, choosing the retail price and the bid price (usually discounted from the normal retail, as bids will potentially bring it up and there needs to be incentive to bid rather than just go to the shop). There is a small fee of 5% for community auctions, but charged ONLY if your item is sold. There is no listing fee.

Once your items are uploaded, I will send you the auction link and you can rsvp and submit the items for hosts approval (me, but I will be accepting all items that are entered), and that's all you need to do! When the auction comes around you can choose to stay in the chat room and talk about your piece further than the given description, but you don't even need to be online for the item to sell.

Hope that clears up most of your questions, feel free to ask any others I may have missed.

Posted at 11:54 am Sep 25, 2012 EDT

I'm also unfamilar wiht Tophatter, but I'm interested

Posted at 7:09 am Sep 26, 2012 EDT

Leanna TenEycke from bytheoakArt says
Edited on Sep 26, 2012

Great! Okay, after you sign up and add one or two items to your account, go to this link and enter them to the auction. It's in 21 days so no rush.

Also, to those joining AND those who just want to watch, please RSVP on this page:
I need rsvps or the items we put into the auction are limited. We don't want any sellers to be left out!

Posted at 8:07 am Sep 26, 2012 EDT

Hi Leanna, just to give you the heads up, I listed 5 items on Tophat. Please let me know if you need the link!

Posted at 11:26 pm Sep 27, 2012 EDT

They seem to have been added automatically, thanks Susan! Hopefully some more will join and RSVP in the next few weeks.

Posted at 3:37 pm Oct 1, 2012 EDT

I am interested. LAst time I tried to be part of a group auction of ETSY artists I couldn't figure it out, though!

Posted at 12:41 am Oct 2, 2012 EDT

That's great, Lucille. Feel free to ask about anything I didn't explain well enough or missed.

Posted at 8:50 am Oct 2, 2012 EDT

How strict do you want to be with the items? I'd love to put in my Elven Star necklace, if that would be okay...?

Posted at 10:15 am Oct 3, 2012 EDT

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