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Original Post

Hi, My husband and I have lots of pages on Facebook. His company has over 3000 Facebook pages with over 15 million members.

We have pages covering most aspects of etsy, about 60 pages covering etsy home, etsy success, etsy vintage, etsy jewelry, etsy kids, etsy weddings etc etc. here are a few examples of the pages we own.

If you're starting out we are more than happy to feature your shop on one of our pages relevant to what you offer to help you get going. we can send your shop link out to all the members of the page which will help in the future with traffic and help with ranking your shop higher on Google and sites like that.

We love to help out other shops and have found some real treasures doing this so we are happy to help as many people as possible.

Just send me a convo with your shop link, facebook page and blog, twitter links if you have them and we will feature you on one of our pages with thousands of members.

Posted at 12:35am Jul 19, 2011 EDT