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Original Post

I felt like since BNR's and BNS's take a little more attention then a normal treasury we needed another place to list them.
So list any you have created or any you are in!

Posted at 11:43 pm Jun 23, 2011 EDT


I am featured in this BNR
Last 5 buy ins get a spot in next round and I think we are down to 2 more spots.

Posted at 11:44 pm Jun 23, 2011 EDT

Here is one I am featured in. Has had 11 sales today! So it seems to get a lot of trafic!

Posted at 5:16 pm Jun 25, 2011 EDT

Here is where u can find me,
If you purchase from me feel free to post in all 3 BNS’ as long as you reach the min for the one. I want complain!

Also note holly is in 2 of the same ones so buy in with her and get featured in those 2!

Posted at 11:56 am Jul 2, 2011 EDT

Please join us at this fun BNS.:) Come chat with us. Thanks!

Posted at 9:05 pm Jul 3, 2011 EDT

i'm featured in this new bnr...
check it out.... i have a special going on just for it.

Posted at 6:31 am Jul 5, 2011 EDT

We are in the bonus round. Still lots of fellow Team members featured, as well as some others! It is now global lol

Posted at 12:18 pm Jul 5, 2011 EDT

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