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Original Post

As the new year begins I thought it might be helpful to plan ahead... I was just wondering which Iowa craft shows or street shows do you participate in? Which ones would you recommend?

Posted at 10:47pm Dec 21, 2011 EST


I would like to know also.

A couple favorites:

Pufferbilly Days in Boone - early fall
Clarinda - mid October

Posted at 10:02pm Dec 22, 2011 EST

Ankeny North Pole Craft Show - early November

Posted at 4:27pm Dec 29, 2011 EST

Jill says

I am also looking for Des moines area craft fairs/shows to vend at in 2012...any help or ideas would be FABULOUS~!

Posted at 4:18pm Dec 30, 2011 EST

I just got this info:

I am thinking about trying one or 2 of these shows!

Posted at 5:22pm Dec 31, 2011 EST

ALSO I did this one on Halloween - it was pretty good:
very good location, it is hit or miss with the weather, BUT very reasonable price!

Posted at 5:37pm Dec 31, 2011 EST

I did the East Village Sunday Bazaar in 2011!...

and also Market Day - in the Kirkwood Bldg. downtown DSM

Both were great with excited shoppers. Look for the Market Day Apps. to come out in a few months.

Posted at 9:56am Jan 3, 2012 EST

Any around Valentines Day or early spring?

Posted at 10:10pm Jan 4, 2012 EST

Holy Trinity in Beaverdale has a fabulous Christmas craft show the second weekend in November.

Posted at 11:04pm Jan 6, 2012 EST

Related to this topic,
For those of u that have done a show; What do u suggest are must have for your first?
I have a goal to do my first show this year, and where I know goods are a must, I got no clue on like displays or banners or ya know the non sellable stuff or if it's my first show is a bunch of my stuff and some business cards enough?

Posted at 11:18am Jan 10, 2012 EST