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Original Post

Post them here my lovelies...

Posted at 6:56am Jun 8, 2012 EDT


Hi there! Here is my most recent creation in my Woodland Fairy Village collection. This is my Fairy Sweat Shop:


Posted at 8:01am Jun 8, 2012 EDT

Here’s my latest listing. Please CIRCLE, FAVORITE and HEART as much as possible. We help ourselves when we help each other unabashedly.

May your days be filled with Magic and Joy !

Posted at 4:33pm Jun 8, 2012 EDT

Writer's Block? Be gone !
Brand new listing, please click a look to help with views, thanks !

Posted at 6:24pm Jun 9, 2012 EDT

woops- did not mean to have the door on there twice. Meant to show the faery goddess instead. Here she be

Posted at 9:40pm Jun 10, 2012 EDT