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Who can join?

Horror Couture is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Shops that features zombies, vampires, witches, wizards, ghosts & ghouls... This is the place to be! Blood and guts welcome, too ;)

Members should use "horror couture" as a tag in all items related to the category to promote our team and fellow members.

Members should also join in all discussions and promote the team on other websites they might be on such as Facebook or Twitter. THIS IS IMPORTANT! We will remove any members that do not participate. We are a group that strongly promotes our team and fellow team members and many members work hard at doing this - those that do not help will have their membership reconsidered.

RESPECT all team members!

To apply, just hit APPLY... no Q & A... your shop will be reviewed just to be sure you'll fit the Horror Couture style and a message will be sent if approved :)

IF you are not approved please do not get discouraged. Many times it's because your shop features items that are too similar to a current members items. Since we do focus so much on promotion, it would be unfair to promote team members that have the same items and are in direct competition with eachother - BUT, if you truly feel you are someone who would be an active member and an asset to the team, feel free to message the Captain or any of the Leaders explaining why you feel you should be accepted. Creativity and initiative counts!! :)

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