Artisan Treasury Hi I'm new :)

Who can join?

Artisan Treasury has the following requirements:

The "Artisan Treasury" team is open to anyone who is dedicated to promoting their Esty shop as well as their team members shops.


1. You must commit to create at least 2 treasuries featuring at least 3 team members (in the first twelve spots) every month. Please, try to create your treasuries evenly during the month, make at least one every week. I do know how busy life can be so these rules are just guidelines. Please participate as much as you can.

2. The "Artisan Treasury" team does not have to be your only “treasury team.

3. Please tag your treasuries "Artisan Treasury”,please, tag your items too, this way your team mates will easily find your creations.

4. You are not obliged to click and comment every member curated treasury… but if you have the time or you really like to please do!

5. Support other team members.

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Original Post

I've never created a treasure before, so I was hoping that by joining a team, I'd not only learn how to do it, but help my fellow artisans get more exposure!

Posted at 3:00 am Jan 23, 2011 EST


Welcome to the team.

Posted at 12:23 pm Jan 24, 2011 EST

I'm with you! Trying to figure out how to tag somebody for the treasury!

Posted at 2:45 pm Jan 24, 2011 EST

I got it!!! Now if I can remember how to do it!!! I am going to create another treasury to get this down. I started from the community page I think!!! Carrie

Posted at 4:17 pm Jan 24, 2011 EST


Posted at 9:50 am Jun 9, 2011 EDT

Hi - I just joined the team. Nice to meet you all!

Posted at 12:00 pm Feb 3, 2012 EST

Hello I am also new but this team sounds great! I am going to share some f my treasuries and will create some with team members things in the future!
This is called Hot chocolate.

Posted at 4:35 pm Feb 7, 2012 EST

Hi, I just joined this team.
When I make a treasury, I send each featured artist a message so they know their work's been featured. That seems to get the ball rolling with sending people to see the work on there.
Looking forward to getting some time to make a treasury of team members

Posted at 1:54 pm May 31, 2012 EDT

I just joined the team - my name is Kale. I am a fine artist looking to move by business from galleries to on-line.

Posted at 2:27 pm Jun 29, 2012 EDT

LeatherAndFlower from LeatherGoodThings

Changed from LeatherAndFlower on Aug 11, 2015


Hi to every1!
See you in treasuries! :)


Posted at 3:38 pm Jul 15, 2012 EDT

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