The GreenLife Fashion Divas Hi! My FB page could use a helping hand or three or four!

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The GreenLife Fashion Divas has the following requirements:

Anyone who has a creative mind, a "green" heart and understands the concept of "one man's trash can be converted into a 'silk' purse".

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Original Post

zeneanoak says

We'd really appreciate a few "likes" of our FB fan page, please!! We're very much about promoting the value of what we all have in our hands.

thanks and praying you are blessed!!
Q! (Quoleshna)

Posted at 11:07pm Sep 8, 2011 EDT


Dee from rabbitandme says

Just liked you I would like a helping hand too!!

Posted at 10:21pm Jan 16, 2012 EST

Dee from rabbitandme says

I'm having a giveaway and will be drawn on this friday! so come & join in!!

Posted at 7:21am Jan 23, 2012 EST

Hi all, I've liked all the pages ahead of me and look forward to seeing more. Here's mine:

Posted at 10:12am Feb 1, 2012 EST

Hey guys, can you help out my FB page too? I've liked everyone before me Thanks!

I also return "likes" :)

Posted at 6:44pm Feb 26, 2012 EST

Brittany M from RosMariBrand says
Edited on Feb 29, 2012

Hey guys! Please also join my team dedicated to upcycled/recycled items!

Posted at 11:11am Feb 29, 2012 EST