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Original Post

Just wanted to stop and say Hafa Adai to you all. I am so glad to be a part of Etsy on Guam Team....:)

Posted at 10:26pm Mar 22, 2011 EDT


Hafa Adai!

I am so looking forward to making a purchase on your chamoritaessentialz

I also wanted to ask is your maiden name Cruz? are you from the Cruz family in Yigo?

I am glad to welcome you to our Etsy Guam Team.

Posted at 5:02am Apr 11, 2011 EDT

Hafa Adai to you thelattestoneisland! Yes my maiden name is Cruz. I did used to live in Yigo too.

It's great to be on this team as I really do miss connecting with people from Guam..

Posted at 12:24pm Apr 11, 2011 EDT

glad people are connecting on here :)

Posted at 6:52pm Apr 14, 2011 EDT

yeah me too...:)

Posted at 8:38pm Apr 14, 2011 EDT

Thank You!....@ AsenseoPhotogr...:) Hopefully we can talk a bit on this team with other team members too...:)

Posted at 9:41am Apr 15, 2011 EDT

Hopefully! :) I hope we can find new members too, it's hard to find etsy shops on guam ;P

Posted at 6:32pm Apr 17, 2011 EDT

yes it would be great if we could find new etsy shops on guam.

Posted at 8:01pm Apr 17, 2011 EDT

I'm trying to think of ways it may be fun to get people together and teach them about selling on etsy.

Posted at 1:35pm Apr 20, 2011 EDT

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