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Original Post

So, there's not much going on with this team. Since we all live in or near Somerville, maybe we should arrange a gathering at a local bar or something one night. We can practice networking!

Posted at 7:50pm May 25, 2011 EDT


That sounds like a great plan! I'll be around in August, so perhaps one soon and one then?

Posted at 3:19pm May 31, 2011 EDT

Is anyone else going to be at ArtBeat in July? I have a booth - anyone I should visit?

Posted at 10:57am Jun 1, 2011 EDT

CMMJewelry says

Getting together would be cool! I got rejected from ArtBeat :( but i will probably be in attendance.

Posted at 5:15pm Jun 2, 2011 EDT

I had the impression Artbeat was first-come first-served, but Somerville has a lot of jewelers - maybe they filled up their jewelry slots almost immediately.

Side note, CMM - with a critical mass of jewelers, scarf makers, etc. maybe you could get a little petition going - persuade Somerville, or Cambridge, or Arlington, or ... that a crafts fair focused on fashion is a great idea. Celebrate the jewelers rather than culling them from events.

Seems like the sort of thing that could grow into a draw for tourism.

Posted at 11:24am Jun 9, 2011 EDT

CMMJewelry says

Nerdly, thats a great idea. I feel like im a contributing artist to the area, not just some chick that strings beads.

Posted at 12:31pm Jun 11, 2011 EDT

Just thought I'd also pass this along. The Burren still has spaces for a market coinciding with Art Beat. I did the one for Somerville Open studios. No sales for me there (abstract painter in a bar is more of an off-color joke opener). However there was a good bit of Open Studios traffic - lots of Somervillians checking me out onlne after, a number who recognized me at later events, all of which is good - trust, exposure, etc.

Here's the announcement:

On Saturday July 16th, Davis square will be filled with exhibitors participating in the ArtBeat festival, so too will The Burren...and you can be one of them! Spaces are still available and all media is considered.

SLAM is in its second year and has been offering local artists a place to show and sell their work as well as an opportunity for the public to find a wide variety of art and handmade goods including: painting, photography, jewelry, book bindery, handmade soaps, glass, textiles, ceramics and artisan foods.

If you would like to participate, send an email to and I will contact you with more information about the market. Or for more information, check out the SLAM website: httt://

Posted at 5:41pm Jun 17, 2011 EDT