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A theme from nature is picked every month that we ask members to share their creations related to the theme such as birds, sky, etc. Team members are not required; but, encouraged to share their collections in those threads. Inspired Nature Team's goal is to bring artists who are inspired by nature together and support each other in any way they prefer.

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Original Post


I have a new post which talks about the inspiration story behind a necklace I have posted on my shop. It also have some about Spring 2011 Fashion trends. I hope you can check it out and comment on it :)

Posted at 10:41 pm Mar 8, 2011 EST

New blog post on selling paintings at


Posted at 2:25 pm Mar 9, 2011 EST

PoPkO says

Hi guys! Heres mine, just posted today-
(I dont post too often either!)

Posted at 6:56 pm Mar 9, 2011 EST

You guys are quite the bloggers! I saw lots of things I really liked. :D

My most recent post was from Wednesday, I think. I've been sick this week, so I've not been posting as regularly as I usually try to. It's a reminder about my bead giveaway and some sharing of a string of good luck I've had over the past week or so:

I'd love to have a visitor or two. :3

Posted at 9:39 pm Mar 10, 2011 EST

madebykim says

Most buyers and artists have an idea of what a giclee print is but most don't realize there are significant differences between an acceptable giclee and a great giclee. This is a series of posts on the details of making, selling and buying giclee prints.

Posted at 1:06 pm Mar 12, 2011 EST

I have a section each week that I feature a best of the week Etsy piece. This week's best is one from the Inspired by Nature team that I found through our team. It is awesome pillow covers. Hope you can check out my blog and comment on the post to support our team.

Posted at 7:43 pm Mar 12, 2011 EST

decomp says

New blog! Follow me & I'll be sure to follow you back! <3

Posted at 9:39 am Mar 13, 2011 EDT

I started one fairly recently

and i actually started another today

help me get it off the ground!

Posted at 2:41 pm Mar 13, 2011 EDT

miribilist says

My latest blog is on my own website (all shopping done on Etsy though!)

Posted at 3:29 pm Mar 13, 2011 EDT

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