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Anyone, the more the merrier, would be helpful if you were in the Utah area. Feedback and connections are what improve our craft.

I do ask, if you are going to join, in order to make it work, you should participate in some way. We are more than happy to help promote, and you should be open to doing the same for other members. I want us to stay positive and provide great resources for those that want to be here! Please consider this when joining!

Interested in being a team leader? Great, please convo.

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Original Post

I'm a little unsure why some of our members are part of our team, if they aren't going to participate. We have lots of new members, and we seem to have some common goals. Branching out and working with utah artists. So let's ask our selves, as a team how can we achieve this?

Posted at 7:38 am Feb 23, 2012 EST


Morgan Rae from CopperPaisley says
Edited on Feb 23, 2012

You will notice some changes with our team. Starting in June.
We will have a monthly sign in. You will have to contribute in some way to stay active member or you will get dropped. More to come in June.

Posted at 7:48 am Feb 23, 2012 EST

As a new member to this forum, I am unsure of what to write about. New members may not want to post until they get the hang of Etsy.

Posted at 6:30 pm Feb 29, 2012 EST

VaLon says she isn't a fan of this idea.

Posted at 8:15 pm Mar 5, 2012 EST

So help me get everyone particpating!
Actually.. this would be the best place for new members. This will help get you off the ground!

Posted at 1:03 am Mar 6, 2012 EST

Some people just like to read what is contained in the forum. It would be helpful if you had topics specific to new members selling

Posted at 6:14 pm Mar 6, 2012 EST

Maybe a weekly shop highlight or some sort of fun thing like that might help.

Posted at 1:08 pm Mar 9, 2012 EST

I'm looking into doing a blog or something like that, possibly with shop spotlights, maybe some general tips, and a calender of event we can participate in around Utah. What do you guys think of something like that?

Posted at 6:30 pm Mar 9, 2012 EST

Does the team have a facebook group and page? Twitter? Facebook groups are nice... easy to communicate on, and the notification system is so much better. Just an idea!

Posted at 12:10 am Mar 10, 2012 EST

There are a couple of posts farther down including shop highlight games that you can take part in . We were doing weekly BNR ( Buy N Replace) treasuries, but I couldn't get anybody around to take part in them. Kristen feel free to make a page if you would like. I don't have a way to make a second group page, besides the one I use for my business on facebook. That's why I felt if I could get some regulars to check in , then it would be worth my time to make a page, otherwise it's a page sitting there with no one knowing about it.

Posted at 5:05 am Mar 20, 2012 EDT

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