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Original Post

I have made two sells since joining Etsy. However things are really slow and my views are down. I understand that I should have more product on my page but I am getting ready to do my first craft show. I don't want to spend the money to post on Etsy if the item will be sold at the craft show.

Can someone give me ideas on my site? I think it is missing some things.

Posted at 6:34pm Feb 29, 2012 EST


I don't know what it is that you want to know. I don't see anything on your shop page. I looked at some of your info, and it could use some work. I am still not sure what you sell. So, I don't know what it is that you want help with.

Posted at 8:18pm Mar 5, 2012 EST

I just removed all items from my shop as I have a craft show this week. I am hoping to have more success from that. What does not sell will be listed back on this site. I make custom hand turned pens and scroll sawn crafts.

Posted at 6:17pm Mar 6, 2012 EST

Let me know when you get your things back up and I will have a look at them. Also, you can check out this list of etsy articles to hopefully help you. I know that I am still learning from it as well.

Posted at 6:31pm Mar 7, 2012 EST

I do craft shows and I put a bunch of stuff up and when it is time for the craft fair I put my shop on vacation mode. Then when the craft show is over your are all ready to go in your shop.

Posted at 1:06pm Mar 9, 2012 EST

My site is back up but I don't have all of the pens listed. Also how do u put your shop on vacation?

Posted at 8:43pm Mar 13, 2012 EDT

I will look at it more later, but my first impression. Don't put your shipping in the price of the pen. Or at least don't say it! Advertise that it is free or something. Or, just add a couple dollars to the shipping and keep the pen at $20. Remember, etsy doesn't take anything from the shipping but it does from the item price. Also, maybe work on your descriptions a little bit more. As for vacation mode, there is a way, in settings or something. I would also think about how you are going to brand your shop, it looks like you have different backgrounds for your pens. I could see it looking very nice on a surface, kind of like this one, with the light darker on the sides. So the pen sort of glows. But, this is slightly harsh, so be careful.

You also need to get a bunch more items. I know it can be hard, and a lot of work, but it looks so tiny right now. Also work on your banner and your avatar, fit it with the brand of your shop as well. Don't list things under your featured items unless you have four, since it just looks odd.

Um, that is all for now. Remember to read things out of the link I already posted, it will help you a lot! Good luck, and let me know if you need anything else.

Posted at 11:07pm Mar 13, 2012 EDT

It seems like you are off to a good start! What will help polish up your store and bring in the business is creating an overall theme. Your banner is great, but it doesn't match the product you are selling. And your product is great, but it doesn't match the banner. Does that make sense? Remember that looking at different etsy shops is like window shopping...what you see first off will determine if you stick around (and eventually buy something) or move on to the next thing. Don't forget to get personal, tell a story about the item or yourself and why you made it the way you did.
One more thing....proofread proofread proofread. I know it's so easy to look over a spelling error but it really irks people when they see something quite obvious.
Hope this helps! I'm a "new" seller too and have been working and re-tweaking my shop bit by bit. Remember you don't have to do everything at once, but if you are serious about bringing in the dough you will have to invest the time!
Good luck!

Posted at 10:24pm Mar 26, 2012 EDT