TheFunPeopleTeam In a nutshell...

Who can join?

TheFunPeopleTeam is a moderated team with the following requirements:

TAG: The Fun People Team on your listing/treasuries

To join this team, you must be the artist and the creator of the pieces you sell in your store. You must be respectful, respectable, and able to follow the rules set by Etsy as well as the team specific rules indicated here. Those who do not follow the rules will be warned or removed from the team.

To accept you as a member of our team, the leadership team will review your listed items and vote on your membership. If your items meet our standards mentioned above, you will most likely be able to join our team.

To continue your membership in the team, you must do the following:

1. Follow and adhere to all rules of membership.
2. Participate and stay active in team discussions.
3. Offer positive reinforcements and constructive criticism to your fellow team members.
4. Present a respectable image of yourself, the team, and other team members.
5. Create or maintain at least one new treasury each month.
6. Be a trustworthy artist whose clients will be willing to recommend you to others looking for your class or style of items.
7. Above all, never disrespect anyone based on their ethnicity, heritage, race, nationality, sex, race, sexual orientation, or language.

We are here to help each other and share the love and support each other with promoting our items/shop. Please remember to read these etsy rules! Make sure you read the responsibility as a seller and a team member of the group. Those who do not follow rules will be kicked out of our team! - Do and Don't

Approval to join the team will be based upon review of your shop by two leaders. Once you are a member and do not follow the rules, you will be removed.

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Original Post

can anyone tell me what the big fuss is about circles and privacy and why the forums are nutty with mad people? I have seen the 5.000 links but am too tired to read through them all.

Is this something I should be concerned about?

Posted at 6:17pm Feb 3, 2011 EST


EOEjewelry says

I think it discloses information you don't want people to see. I haven't followed up on it yet, but maybe others have. It sorta shows people what you favorite and who you added to your circle. LOL to me it looks like stalker net for others. I think it publishes your full name too

Posted at 5:22pm Feb 6, 2011 EST

Well, if I am going to have a stalker they can just look up my bakery license anyhow. I also lead a boring life, so I wouldn't be too interesting. HAHA

Hope you are off to a great day!

Posted at 11:16am Feb 7, 2011 EST

ETCchest says

I found out in a Lab yesterday that the circles do not show any personal info. Mainly just items/shops you favor.. or when you are in a treasury, or when people in your circle list new items or favor shop/items .. I think they look at it as exposure to other that may not have seen you otherwise

Posted at 5:24pm Feb 7, 2011 EST

EOEjewelry says

lol thx etcchest!

Thefetchinghound LOL i was trying to figure out how we can get the word out more and i also see that we're not getting the participation we need. LOL

trying to gather collaboration tools and information that will be helpful to the group!

Posted at 11:50pm Feb 7, 2011 EST

I am off to take a shower. I will think of things/ideas too!
Hope to be back on tonight. Not complaining, but valentine's orders are killing me! lol. talk to you guys later!

Posted at 3:19pm Feb 8, 2011 EST

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