TheFunPeopleTeam I got three sales this weekend doing this!!

Who can join?

TheFunPeopleTeam is a moderated team with the following requirements:

TAG: The Fun People Team on your listing/treasuries

To join this team, you must be the artist and the creator of the pieces you sell in your store. You must be respectful, respectable, and able to follow the rules set by Etsy as well as the team specific rules indicated here. Those who do not follow the rules will be warned or removed from the team.

To accept you as a member of our team, the leadership team will review your listed items and vote on your membership. If your items meet our standards mentioned above, you will most likely be able to join our team.

To continue your membership in the team, you must do the following:

1. Follow and adhere to all rules of membership.
2. Participate and stay active in team discussions.
3. Offer positive reinforcements and constructive criticism to your fellow team members.
4. Present a respectable image of yourself, the team, and other team members.
5. Create or maintain at least one new treasury each month.
6. Be a trustworthy artist whose clients will be willing to recommend you to others looking for your class or style of items.
7. Above all, never disrespect anyone based on their ethnicity, heritage, race, nationality, sex, race, sexual orientation, or language.

We are here to help each other and share the love and support each other with promoting our items/shop. Please remember to read these etsy rules! Make sure you read the responsibility as a seller and a team member of the group. Those who do not follow rules will be kicked out of our team! - Do and Don't

Approval to join the team will be based upon review of your shop by two leaders. Once you are a member and do not follow the rules, you will be removed.

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Original Post

Okay, I was scared to try them ecause I had no idea what they are...but here you go....this is an open BNS...check out the link...if you see anything in one of the shops that you like and you purchase it...there are plenty of supplies for $3.00 and less and up too...but anyway...once you make your just copy and paste your link on the BNS treasury....and add the name of that shop you purchased from....the first 16 buy-ins will be in the next BNS which will begin shortly after we get 16 buy ins...the whole procews will start over and over every 16 buy ins...until ATuesday night. Here is sthe link...tell them Kelli sent you!! At least check it out if you have always wondered what they are....BNS BNR...pretty much the same....also notice that this terasury already has 500PLUS views...

Posted at 12:42pm Jun 20, 2011 EDT