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Original Post

Greetings Team Members!

Will any member of our team post here if you have 10 sales or less? I purchase items from Etsy shops that I then donate to the Empty Bowls Auction for the Eastern Oklahoma Community Food Bank.

If you are a member of our team, and have less than 10 sales, then I would prefer to make a purchase from you. That helps both you and the food bank. I hope to find items in your shop that are sort of suitable for the general public. Although, a lot of the stuff I donate has a macabre aura because it is popular.

Let me know. Thank you!

Ann Shelby, Masquefaire

Posted at 10:31am Feb 3, 2012 EST


Hello Ann!
Check out my etsy store, I haven't had a lot of sales....
I make MONSTERS, rag dolls, teddy bears and other such stuffed collectables:
That is a very nice gesture that you are doing.

Posted at 1:23am Feb 4, 2012 EST

Ann Shelby you rock!

Posted at 4:04am Feb 6, 2012 EST

Ann Shelby does rock!!

KimBCreations your stuff is cute, I think your searchable words. Try 2 word phrases.
Valentine Gift
Doll in Coffin
Skeleton Doll
Skeleton Gift
Doll in Coffin

try to repeat the same words.
more people with find your goodies that way!!

Posted at 12:28am Feb 12, 2012 EST

Sara Ellis says

I have less than 10 sales but am keeping my fingers crossed and trying to stay positive! :) I'm new, about to go formally introduce myself but in the meantime, here's a link to my shop

Posted at 12:40am Apr 23, 2012 EDT

I have had less than 10 sales this year. I doubt that counts but my shop has been stagnant for months


Posted at 3:58pm Apr 25, 2012 EDT

I have a fairly new shop so I only have one sale so far. Pretty cool way to help out the food bank. We donate to the local food bank and battered women's shelter at my work all the time. I'm always happy to hear about others that help out too.

Posted at 7:08pm Apr 26, 2012 EDT

what an awesome idea- I only have a few sales but love to do trades with other artists. I've donated my koi fish painting recently to my daughters college fashion show for their silent auction. If anyone has any tips for better sales I would love to hear them. currently I mainly use etsy for more of a website listing of my artwork so anything helps.

Posted at 4:58pm May 7, 2012 EDT

and Dame of the Dead..... I love your green eye pendant with the red around it!!!

Posted at 5:00pm May 7, 2012 EDT