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Who can join?

RED is a moderated team with the following requirements:

If we are open, why are we set to "Moderated" and require members to be approved? Because that is the only way to know when someone new is joining us. The application is just a "technicality" -- we approve everyone who asks to join us!

You can join our team by simply completing and submitting the application below. We are an open team .

TEAM Rules:

1. Please Do Not Create New Discussion Threads. If you have an idea/topic for a new thread, please send me a convo on etsy.
2. You will need to promote the team members - favorite and share...

"How to Team Up With Other Sellers to Market Your Shop" - Learn how some Etsy Teams join forces to promote their shops cost-effectively >>>­ith-other-sellers-to/47372872383

"6 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Etsy Shop" - Learn how to get more of the right traffic that leads to sales by using these marketing tips and strategies from experienced sellers >>>­traffic-to-your-etsy/46010759570

"5 Tips for Sharing Your Story With Shop Updates" - share behind-the-scenes photos with your followers on Etsy and social media >>>­ng-your-story-with-shop/31380092335

Have fun !


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