OverFortyTreasuryTeam Discussions

Who can join?

OverFortyTreasuryTeam has the following requirements:

1. You must be age 40 or over.
2. Try to comment and click on member treasuries even if you are not featured.
3. Make a minimum of 3 treasuries per month featuring 3 or more members (the number of members featured in each treasury may increase as membership increases.) The other slots may be filled with nonteam members who do not have to be over the age of 40.
4. Tag you treasuries "OFTT" without the quotations.
5. Please convo sellers whose items you featured in your treasury.
6. Please fill all treasury slots.
7. Please use all treasury tags.
8. Please post your treasuries here so we can find them.
9. Please do not use your own items in your treasury.
10. Have fun!

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