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Original Post

I started my shop a couple weeks ago and I have not had 1 sale yet...
Any tips you can give me?

Posted at 8:45 am Jan 16, 2012 EST


Hi Janet

Selling on etsy takes time :) Some people will sell in a couple of weeks but most people take a little while to make their first sale. It took me about 6-8 months for my first sale.

You have a really unique item which is great (means not much competition) and a great inventory which is also fantastic.

Your photos are really clear though maybe including more than one photo to help the customer get a better 'feel' for the item?

I would also fill your description with as much words as possible. The larger your description the more key words you can put in, these are words that you would otherwise not be able to fit in your tags. Let people know about the texture, length and width (people love to see measurements).

Also with tags (I always struggle with this myself) put in words that you would use if you were looking for the item yourself in a search. For example 'denim cuff', or 'handmade wristband' or 'victorian cuff' rather than single words this will help your item to come up in searches more. Even if you search a term that you think describes your item and seeing what tags the people on the front pages used. That should be a good indicator of the right tags.

Also be active in the teams, there are many promotion teams out there who have some really fun promo games and things :) People might tell you to utilise facebook and twitter though you dont have to use these outlets...

Ultimately a lot of hard work and you will soon see some results! I hope this information helpful!! :D

Posted at 5:49 pm Jan 16, 2012 EST

I would put more info into your listings. Like type of fabric, size etc.
I really like your products;

This is super cute, do they come in kids sizes??

Posted at 2:32 pm Jan 22, 2012 EST

It does take time. I just got my first sale in february and i opened my shop in october.

Posted at 2:27 pm Feb 27, 2012 EST

I'm in the same boat, I've had my shop for about a month now. My whole family is telling me to give up, I just need a sale!! Ah! D:

Posted at 2:35 pm Feb 27, 2012 EST

Very difficult to make sales here from Australia..............too many shops !!! X

Posted at 1:35 am May 4, 2012 EDT

Christine says

Agreed! I'm still waiting for my first sale!

Patience. :)

Posted at 8:49 pm May 28, 2012 EDT

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