Christian Moms New here...

Who can join?

Christian Moms is a moderated team with the following requirements:

I ask each of you to search your heart and decide where you stand with the Lord, whether or not the title "Christian Mom" applies to you.
-Do you believe that the Bible is the Word of God?

- Do you believe in salvation by faith, and not through sacraments or rituals?(“For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” -Ephesians 2:8,9 )

Do you know that you are saved and if you were to die today, you would be going to Heaven?

-Do you live to serve and obey the Lord?

- Do you believe that you don't have to be part
of any religion or organization in order to be saved?

-Are you born again as Jesus commands in John 3?

I reserve the right to remove from the team anyone that, in my opinion, very clearly should not be a part of this team.
I do not check out everybody's shops and items, but please do not join if you sell or promote items that are offensive, with nudity or immodest, witchcraft, idols, rosaries or images that promote pagan religions. I reserve the right to remove any shop that doesn't meet these guidelines.
Also, please don't apply if you have any items that have to do with Halloween.

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Original Post

Angel-Ryan says

Hi everyone,
I am new here. My name is Angel. I have adopted twin girls who are 7, two step children 9 & 11, and one on the way. I am a hairstylist and a super busy mom!

Posted at 5:42 pm Jun 21, 2012 EDT


Rachel from peanutmm says

Hi Angel! Welcome to the team. My name is Rachel. I have two sons who are in their 30's and still single. :( I would love to have grandchildren, but one son has two cats, so for now I have to settle for grandkitties. Of course, I would prefer to have daughter-in-laws first, but I know it is all in God's hands.

Glad to have you on board. I hope you enjoy the team!

Posted at 9:17 pm Jun 22, 2012 EDT

Hi, Angel! My name is Randi. I have been on this team for a while but I'm just now understanding more about Etsy and how teams really work. I love talking to other sellers, especially Christian moms! I have 3 kids, ages 3, 2, and 10 months. I completely understand the life of a busy mom! I pray that you enjoy your pregnancy and have an easy delivery and healthy baby.


Posted at 11:34 am Jun 23, 2012 EDT

Jennifer says

I found you by way of Karly, LittleGoatSoap shop today! I am delighted to join this team. I am a member of the CAST Christian Artist Street Team and didn't know there is this Christian team also. I have more time on my hands now with our 2 children full grown and opened my western shop here on Etsy. It will be fun getting to know you all and discovering what beautiful items you are creating too.


Posted at 8:49 pm Jun 23, 2012 EDT

Hi ... i actually found the group through Jennifer ( above ) it popped up because she is in my circle and when i saw Christian Moms i had to check it out :)

I am a member of multiple teams including the christian artists promoting shops or CAPSteam

I am a homeschooling , stay at home , homesteading mom to 6 with # 7 due in July :) I just finished my second term as Youth X leader for our churchs kids program and definetly need the summer to refresh as well as have some time to have the baby before i start again in september

My husband has a very meager income and with the baby coming soon and our oldest turning 11 , i need to make a little income every month to help out ... so i am trying to make a go of my etsy shop , because i love being able to stay home with the kids , and i love all kids of crafting / gardening / anything creative ...

1 of the tips i received was to join some teams to get more exposure , so i am super excited to find some Christian teams to be a part of :) looking forward to getting to know more of you all :)

Posted at 9:22 pm Jun 23, 2012 EDT

I am also new here and still new to Etsy. Like many of you, I am also trying to make a little money doing something I enjoy, while caring for my 3 children.

Posted at 10:05 pm Jun 30, 2012 EDT

Hey everyone!

I'm also new, and loving this team! Y'all have some great shops, can't wait to check them all out!

Posted at 10:11 pm Jun 30, 2012 EDT

Welcome to the team, Ashley! And, yeah, you are a super busy mom! I'm not that new to the team, but am busy myself, and not on here as often as I should be. I have two children, ages 8 and 5. Congrats on having sales already (I checked out your shop :) ). I was on a year before I got any sales. Now they're comming in slowly. I'm mostly a maker of miniatures and doll clothes. I'm also a sculpter and painter.

Posted at 12:33 pm Jul 2, 2012 EDT

I just found this team tonite and was excited to read about it. When I read about it I knew that we would fit in. I am a stay at home mom that has been homeschooling our 4 children for 10 years. Our oldest has graduated this spring. We set this shop up to help her use the skills that she has been learning in a home course. ( you can read her bio in our profile of the shop).
She wanted to earn money in a way that would be Christ honoring and not have to work out in the public work place.

Posted at 10:24 pm Jul 21, 2012 EDT

Cindy Rohr says

Hi all! I've been on this team for a couple months. So far I have one child; a hyperactive two year old little girl. As far as other "Mom" stuff, I recently went though something called a molar pregnancy, which is an where an egg forms an abnormal mass instead of a baby. I ended up needing chemo treatment for it, which was less than fun. The Lord got me through it, though. I'm still not out of the woods, but all signs point well.

My esty shop has been rather unsuccessful so far, but I keep plugging away at it. My dream is to make money doing what I love. We'll see what the Lord has in store for me!

Posted at 2:26 am Jul 22, 2012 EDT

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