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Original Post

madebykim says

Introduce yourself and say a little bit about the giclees in your shop. Maybe a little bit about why you make giclees.

Posted at 1:27pm Jan 11, 2011 EST


madebykim says

Okay I'll go first. All my giclees are small edition sizes and are hand signed and numbered. Giclees are often the first piece of artwork a person buys from directly from an artist. I sell giclees to make my artwork accessible to anyone.

Posted at 5:51pm Jan 12, 2011 EST

Hi - glad to have found this team, certainly appropriate for our shop to be a member:
My husband is the Artist, I'm the "manager"/webbie, etc.
Robert specializes in aviation themes, beautiful & colorful antique & vintage aircraft portraits that are ALIVE & historically correct. The original paintings are executed in acrylic airbrush on hardboard/masonite, hence our giclées are on smooth Epson archival (5*) paper to preserve the detail of the originals. We print on an Epson 2200 which yields superb results.
Most of our prints are open edition, all are hand-signed in pencil by Robert. Most are accompanied by a "certificate" with a brief history of the subject.
We love communication, so don't hesitate to "convo" if you have questions or comments!

Thank you, Kim, for taking the helm of this team - let's all make this a successful voyage ;-)

Cecilia (aka "Staketet" - vintage books)

Posted at 2:19pm Feb 8, 2011 EST

madebykim says

Welcome Cecilia and Robert! Thanks for introducing yourself. I've seen giclees of airbrush in the past and it reproduces really nicely. It's really hard to tell the difference between the original and the giclee. Airbrush and gouache are two mediums that photograph well and therefor print even better.

Thank you for joining the team. Please participate in the forums and make posts. We are here to help each other and promote one another. So far I have had a hard time getting people to participate.

Posted at 5:44pm Feb 8, 2011 EST

Thank you, Kim. I noticed the lack of participation, also that must be frustrating for you! Let's see if we can't change that...!!! LOL

We have Robert's originals scanned at a professional shop that has a large-scale FLATbed scanner and most of our giclées are from these scans. Robert is a fanatic - he'll clean the files pixel-by-pixel.


Posted at 6:09pm Feb 8, 2011 EST

madebykim says

There must be something about us artist types that makes us fanatic! I also love to clean up files!

Posted at 10:13am Feb 9, 2011 EST

Hi everyone!

I am erin k lenchner. I am from Detroit, Michigan, and still live and work here. I've been selling my original ACEO drawings on ebay for 3 years with much success, but my prints will not sell on there for some reason. I am here on etsy, with two shops, one that is g-rated under the user name: urbanfineart, and this one for my mature in nature prints! I decided to make giclee prints, because of their archival nature. All of my originals involve only archival and the finest materials, I want my work to last as long as possible! The giclee prints I am offering in my shop are all numbered and hand signed limited editions. I offer a couple digital prints for less as well, for those who cannot afford. However, I am keeping my shop mostly archival prints. I will be adding more as I sift through my 3000+ image files of drawings from the past few years lol. It is so hard to choose which deserve printing! any help choosing is appreciated, you can see much of my work on

thanks for including me in this group!
- erin

Posted at 12:05pm Feb 9, 2011 EST

madebykim says

Welcome Erin! 3000 images!! wow! It sounds like you will have a lot to contribute. Do you print your own giclees?

Posted at 5:34pm Feb 9, 2011 EST

lovercraft says

Hello! We're Chris & Lauren - a married artist couple from Chicago. One day several years back I (Chris) bought myself a nice little Epson archival printer, designed an image to sell as a print and then sent out an e-mail to my mailing list letting them know it was for sale. One of the people on that mailing list e-mailed back and asked me if I would be interested in making some seriously high quality prints of some of my larger works. That person was Kim, the very same Kim A.K.A. "madebykim" here on Etsy. So I brought a few of my pieces in to her and got some awesome scans done of my work and not long after had some prints that I was really proud of! To this day Kim is who Lauren & I go to for print advice. Thanks, Kim!

Posted at 6:45pm Feb 13, 2011 EST

madebykim says

no thank you Chris and Lauren!

Posted at 7:06pm Feb 13, 2011 EST