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Original Post

I just made 4 new listings - check them out!


Posted at 8:07 pm Feb 20, 2011 EST


Added another print to the shop, a WWII plane, this time. Nice and colorful! :)


Posted at 6:39 pm Feb 27, 2011 EST

osiobrown says

Cecilia, I love you work. Keep it coming:-)

Posted at 10:18 pm Feb 27, 2011 EST

Thank you, osio (it's hubby's work - I'm "just" the webbie-lol)

The listing from this afternoon SOLD - now re-listed! YAY.


Posted at 1:23 am Feb 28, 2011 EST

lovercraft says

Just posted Lauren's first open edition print.

Posted at 1:20 pm Mar 2, 2011 EST

madebykim says

beautiful prints!

Posted at 11:38 am Mar 5, 2011 EST

I am so happy to release 2 of my Shadow illustrations at an accessible price.

Posted at 7:12 am Mar 10, 2011 EST

lovercraft says

Hi everyone! Been busy, busy, busy and neglecting our Etsy shop, but I've just listed 2 new 8 x 8 giclee prints.

Posted at 11:19 am Apr 15, 2011 EDT

happymine says

My most recent listing is dedicated to anyone in need of some sun! (Vancouver has been sooooo rainy lately!!)

Posted at 8:01 pm Apr 15, 2011 EDT

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