Team U.S.A. Members

Who can join?

Team U.S.A. is a moderated team with the following requirements:

To be on Team U.S.A. you need to:

~Make at least 2 or more inspiring treasuries per month

~ Feature at least 6-8 of your fellow team members

~ Be located in the United States

~ Show your support to your fellow team members by commenting and clicking on all of our treasuries even if you are not featured

~ Post your team treasuries here so that we can find them and comment. Please tag all team treasuries with TeamUSA.

~ Meet once a week and discuss new treasuries

~ Have at least one full page of products for sale, and be active on Etsy

~ Be encouraging, uplifting, friendly, polite, supportive, and a strong team member, most of all, have faith & fun!

~ No pressure, we will make up the rest of the rules as we go along 'as a team'. Just as long as we faithfully support one another with treasuries, we are good!

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