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Original Post

Any other multi-shop owners out there? It can be confusing...

I'm Liz and I run Blue Eyed Owl & Salvaged Style.

Posted at 5:36 pm Feb 9, 2011 EST


I do also.
I run JeByJa (supplies), TesoroViejo (vintage) and LunaLeon (handmade hair accessories)

It can be hectic. I try to hang out in all of them, but find I mostly tend Luna Leon, post here on Tesoro and leave and rarely promote JebyJa.
that changes of course, but thats the way it is for now.

Posted at 5:44 pm Feb 9, 2011 EST

LunaLeon says

Wow, no one else is a multi shop owner?

Posted at 9:14 pm Feb 10, 2011 EST

I know...I thought there were more.

Posted at 6:25 pm Feb 12, 2011 EST

diannegray says

Hi, my name is Dianne Gray and I have a paper goods shop called diannegray and a supply shop called suppliesfrommetoyou. My supply shop definitely gets more of my time... because I sell more, I list more and because I list more I sell more! I have not been as successful with my papergoods shop, but I do sell a lot to local people so those sales are, of course, not tracked on etsy. The one thing I haven't spend any time doing yet is marketing each shop to my customers of the other shop. So besides, business cards sent with orders and of course a link to my shops in my announcement, I would welcome any ideas. I know one area I am weak in, is blogging. I just never seem to have the time...I am hoping that being part of team Arizona I will spent more time blogging which I know will get my shops more exposure.

Posted at 7:45 pm Feb 12, 2011 EST

Been on the busy side, so haven't popped in laterly. Yep, 2 shops here and 2 on another site (much slower over there), plus local. My other shop is for my handmade metalwork jewelry supplies:

On the run, back to the studio.

Posted at 4:39 pm Feb 17, 2011 EST

LunaLeon says

Rocki, LOL You sound like me! In and out, life is quite busy

Posted at 6:54 pm Feb 17, 2011 EST

I do, too. I have my jewelry stuff 0 Mishel Designs - and then my supplies too - earring wires, etc. called Shel's Jewelry Supplies. My supplies shop gets lots more traffic/sales, too. Right now all I have left on there are my different styles/metals of earring wires and I'm on vacation for a few days w/it - but it definitely keeps me working full time! (wish there was good money in earring wires! LOL!!)

Posted at 10:55 pm Feb 17, 2011 EST

I own CuddleOrganics also :)

Posted at 12:02 am Feb 18, 2011 EST

LOL Luna! I hear you loud and clear on that one ;) Obviously I'm posting from my suppy shop.

Happy Friday!

Posted at 7:30 am Feb 18, 2011 EST

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