horror punk etsy Anyone for zombies?

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who am i to say? do you love the misfits? frankenstein? or even dexter? do you make things for the living but love the dead? then join the team.

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Original Post


noxhyde says

I like select Zombie depiction but it's a bit hard to work into my designs. I've got a new idea I want to try out and if it works I'll be able to add some zombification to my line;)

Posted at 7:43 pm May 6, 2011 EDT

candistrange says
Edited on May 6, 2011

to me, the whole zombie scene isnt really a trend. i've always loved monsters ghouls and scary stuff mainly because it scared the holy shit out of me as a child which developed into a natural obsession. i have a lot of cool jewelry that is zombie related but i dont post it on etsy. i have half eaten brain necklaces and earrings, coffins, "zombie girl" jewelry and...well just tons and tons more so at the risk of writing or "talking" all your heads off i'll just post some coolness *ahem* www.etsy.com/listing/71625646/3-skull-bracelets-for-10-bucks www.etsy.com/listing/73542977/black-fur-and-pink-hearse-skirt www.etsy.com/listing/72687469/all-over-horror-print-bag-tote also i will put a seperate thread for team discounts and i will make it private so only team members can see it

Posted at 10:31 pm May 6, 2011 EDT

green brains!!! it was love at first bite....yum

Posted at 1:34 pm May 11, 2011 EDT

NICE! I agree - zombies always have been and always will be cool. I have a large tattoo on my back that will never let me forget it, too!

Posted at 4:02 am May 12, 2011 EDT

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