Sales Promotion Team 100% TEAM Treasuries Curator's Thread - MAY

Who can join?

Sales Promotion Team has the following requirements:

Membership is open to anyone, buyers and sellers.

Sales Promotion Team

Treasury Rules:
1. You may only post one treasury at at time
2. You must wait before you can post again
3. Treasury must be tagged "SPT Team"
4. You must complete your required heart/click or comments within fifteen minutes after posting your treasury.
Additional Rules:

* Let the leaders or captain open team threads. If you see one that should be started, please notify the team Captain.
Things that will result in your post being removed:

* posting products in treasury threads
* posting more than one treasury at a time
* posting again before waiting
* not using the "SPT Team" tag

* If you have questions related to our team, please write to the team Captain or leaders. There is a contact link on the left sidebar.
* Your post may be removed at any time without notification.

* The team is run by Volunteers.

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Original Post

This is a new type of Official TPT Team Thread!! We are very excited to offer this type of promotion.

This is how it works:

1. Make a treasury using items from our SHOP PROMO threads OR with items found by using the search term TPT TEAM.
2. Post your treasury on this thread
3. Heart/Click/ OR comment on the >>>> 6 <<<<<< Treasuries immediately above yours.


1. You may only post one treasury at at time
2. Treasury must be tagged TPT Team
3. You must complete your required heart/click or comments within one hour after posting your treasury.

Here are the previous 6 treasuries from April:

Posted at 12:04 am May 1, 2012 EDT


Dina says

This post has been removed.

Posted at 2:27 am May 2, 2012 EDT

This post has been removed.

Posted at 4:21 am May 2, 2012 EDT

ATTENTION MEMBERS: Unless you have used all TPT member shops in all 16 spaces in your treasury AND tagged your treasury with "tpt team", you can not post your treasury here! (Use the main curator's or promoter's thread instead)

Posted at 11:12 am May 3, 2012 EDT

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