Handmade Pagans of Etsy New listings :)

Who can join?

Handmade Pagans of Etsy has the following requirements:

Who can join:

All that i ask is that if you are interested in joining this humble team is that you be pagan or a follower of an earth bases religion. I have nothing against other religions but this is a PAGAN team after all so it wouldnt make much sense for other paths to join.

Ok now for the particulars in joining.
1. You MUST have an open etsy shop. Short term leaves, such as vactions, illness, maternity etc are exceptable. But please if you plan to close your shop for 3/4th year because of extenuating circumstances please convo me and an exception can and will be made.

2. Please have at least five listings in your shoppe.

3. At least 75% of the items in your shop must be pagan orientated. I dont mind if you have a hodgepodgery of items but remember again this is a pagan team so lets stick to the "theme" as the case maybe

4. At least 90% of the items you sale in your shoppe must be handmade. A few commerical supplies are fine. But i will not tolerate someone whose shoppe consists entirely of resale items. Because to be quite honest i and most people can find what you are offering most anywhere. And the point of this team is to help promote those who take the time and make the effort to hand make and hand craft items that are unique and help to make the world a more magickal place.

Thank you for your interest in the team.

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Belladonna2025 says
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Although it is cool to have a new listings thread i have at least two important threads/topics that require all of your attention. So if you could please check them out one talks about the new changes getting ready to take place and the other is the attendance and requires participation....

Posted at 6:19 pm Aug 2, 2011 EDT

EireCrescent says
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Hey everyone, if you haven't already, you NEED to sign in to the Attendance discussion on the main page!

Posted at 8:37 pm Aug 5, 2011 EDT


:) Nice! If I had pierced ears...

In my shop, the latest perfume sampler pack:

I also have magical-use sampler packs in my shop section now, and my March pack has been marked down to 50% off.

Posted at 10:00 am Mar 29, 2011 EDT

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