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Original Post

Hi everyone! Please post your new listings and creations! Here is mine!


Posted at 12:31pm Apr 21, 2011 EDT


<-- Come one, come all to a visit to KhaliNouveau

Does this entice you?...


Posted at 12:36pm Apr 21, 2011 EDT

Spend $10, get a free minibow!

Posted at 2:28pm Apr 21, 2011 EDT

OPEN BNR – If you buy in and don’t sell, I will carry you over to my next BNR


Posted at 2:30pm Apr 21, 2011 EDT

Kirameku says

Good evening !

Spring is finally here ! So is Kirameku's new collection ! :D

Get funky & sparkling !
There`s a piece for every budget and low shipping rates ! :D

Here are some of the nominees :

* New ! * Frosted Snow Berry Earrings - Vintage Collection:

* New ! * Moss & Amethyst Berry Ring :

* New ! * Blush Berry Ring - Limited Edition :

* New ! * Aurora Borealis BlackBerry Ring - Limited Edition :

Mint Berry Ring - Limited Edition :

... And much more !
Custom orders are also more than welcomed ! :D

Thanks for stopping by !

Posted at 2:50pm Apr 21, 2011 EDT