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Original Post

Amity from AmityUK says

Hi Team,
We're after some awesome August Treasuries for sharing on the European homepages & in our newsletters. Here are some themes we'd like to cover:

★ School Style & Autumn Fashion: wardrobe updates for both genders.

★ Younger School Children: school supplies & kids gear.

★ High School & University: funky stationary & halls of residence decor.

★ Adult Office & Studio Updates: office supplies, home office decor & organisation.

★ Pretty much anything else you like the look of. We're suckers for beautifully curated lists on ANY theme. Get more ideas from Etsy's Merchandising Desk:


=== Europe-Wide Homepage Treasury Checklist ===

♥ TIP: click "Curating for European home pages" to automatically check if your Treasury fits our criteria.

- At least 8 items ship FROM Europe.

- All items SHIP TO at least one European country (or "Everywhere Else").

- 16 items total.

- Treasury tagged "EtsyEUR" (without quotations) - so we can find them!


Bear in mind we're looking for gorgeous collections with great item photography.

Create a new Treasury list here:

Feel free to post links to your Treasuries in the comments below to share them with your teammates! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Amity x

Posted at 10:08 am Aug 9, 2012 EDT

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