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Original Post

I am looking for beautiful, interesting, British blogs to read! Please do leave yours here... love the ones from the US but I do struggle to find any great UK ones, probably because I don't know where to look! ( I love the wedding ones I read like Love My Dress and London Bride but craving another subject lol)

Please leave a bit of info about your blog too, not just a link!

Mine is if anyone wants to check it out.


Posted at 3:28pm Oct 13, 2011 EDT


Just started our blog recently and a twitter also so its a work in progress but will be updating up to christmas with all the craft fairs and new products we have lined up :)!/curious_tree

Posted at 4:15pm Oct 13, 2011 EDT

olganna says

Hi ya, I have blogged mostly about funny things that have happened recently, general musings, trying to find my feet with it really so its a bif of a mish mash but some of the editorials are amusing and might give you a chuckle, its nothing too heavy and definately worth a flick through.

Posted at 4:24pm Oct 13, 2011 EDT

My blog is all about my endeavour to develop a silver jewellery business whilst working full time and being a mum to a 2 year old. Musings about our life and what we get up to.

Posted at 6:26am Oct 14, 2011 EDT

Kydel says

Hi, my blog is pretty new.

It's mostly about my knitting and cooking and my family and the silly things that happen to us.
I'm off to check out all the blogs above. It is hard to find a good British blog.

Posted at 6:40am Oct 14, 2011 EDT

rosyretro says

Here's mine! I'm from Devon and as an indie dyer/spinner/knitter, have a blog:) I don't write as often as I'd like as I'm a busy mum of 2 and run my own business but I do write!!

Posted at 11:41am Oct 14, 2011 EDT

Hello, my blog is at, I just blog about my new products, things I'm trying out and inspirations etc... Feel free to have a nosy! :)

Posted at 5:12pm Oct 15, 2011 EDT

Shalotte says
Edited on Oct 15, 2011

Ours is a mix of our own work - knitwear, crochetwear, jewellery, accessories ect. Mixed media experiments, textile art, treasuries, the odd tutorial and general things I have found interesting.

The last few posts are slightly treasury heavy but if you go to older posts you will get a better idea of what I blog about

It is a working blog so it may not be as aesthetic as others but it is updated regularly

Posted at 5:16pm Oct 15, 2011 EDT

HelgaVonF says

I'm exploring people's ideas about their own creativity (and mine while we're at it!) through my new blog -

Would love you to stop by and say hi!

Helen x

Posted at 5:41pm Oct 15, 2011 EDT