Astro & Neutrino Search Ads- anyone using them?

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Astro & Neutrino is a moderated team with the following requirements:

We like to be in touch with other artists and crafters interested in the sciences. We welcome all scientific interests from biology to astrophysics.

We do look for a strong commitment in your own art and craft, and we support handmade. The team will not promote copyright infringement, so we absolutely look for original work.

From Astrophysics to Natural History, from ferns to fossils, from dyodes to dendrites, we would love the team to be a meeting point for geeks with different interests. Maybe some subgroups will form under the Astro&Neutrino wings? We'll see as we grow.

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Original Post

Has anyone tried Search Ads and had any success? I tried it and only got 2 favorites and no sales. Kinda disappointing.

Posted at 8:56pm Oct 19, 2011 EDT


Haven't tried it yet. Have heard it can use up the 4 pretty quickly.The only other person I know who used it said she got more views and favorites, but not sales!

Posted at 2:20am Oct 20, 2011 EDT

I tried it a month or so ago and for some reason my views went DOWN! I unsubscribed from the paid search ads after 3 or so days of this. Oh well! Anyone have better luck?

Posted at 6:18pm Aug 26, 2012 EDT

I've never used them, but from what you're saying so far they don't sound too effective..

Posted at 1:13am Aug 27, 2012 EDT

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