ETC It's [almost] my birthday, dammit.

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Original Post

Ms. D. says

My birthday is tomorrow.
I don't want presents.
I want to give you presents - yummy, sugary, perhaps chocolate-y presents.

So um....I'm turning 28 tomorrow.
How about a 28% off sale through midnight Pacific tomorrow night?

If ever you wanted to try a slutty brownie [or a salted caramel brownie or cardamom shortbread or lavender lemon cake or...other yummy goodness] now's about the best price you'll get. :)

Happy birthday to me!

Posted at 9:39 pm Apr 25, 2012 EDT


Oh my god, Gena, why are you feeding my very bad chocolate habit? Now I *have* to go get myself some of those slutty brownies!

Posted at 9:49 pm Apr 25, 2012 EDT

Happy Birthday!


Posted at 10:06 pm Apr 25, 2012 EDT

Do you have to bake your own cake?

Posted at 10:09 pm Apr 25, 2012 EDT

NellaLlama says

I looked at your shop. Astoundingly yummy goodies. I gained 5 pounds just looking.

Posted at 10:11 pm Apr 25, 2012 EDT

Ms. D. says

@Robin - no, my favorite birthday cake is actually from Costco. They use that gritty, waaaaaay tooooo swweeeeet buttercream frosting. And I DEMAND a corner piece WITH a flower! :)

Posted at 10:12 pm Apr 25, 2012 EDT

lol...we had some of that cake was a Graduation cake...very yummy indeed!

Posted at 10:28 pm Apr 25, 2012 EDT

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