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What kind of experience do you have? If you have a carmax near you they are usually hiring for business office or sales at any given time.

You were a nanny right?

Posted at 8:55pm Apr 25, 2012 EDT

My husband was downsized from his corporate job in November...he's had quite a few interviews, but because so many people in our area are being downsized, the competition is FIERCE. He has yet to get an offer. He has 2 promising leads right now, but will have to drive 45 minutes each way for both of those jobs, should he get one of them. In winter...not good, but what are you going to do?!?

Best of luck to you!!! :)

Posted at 9:02pm Apr 25, 2012 EDT

Thanks! Yes, I was a nanny...but other then that, the only experience I have is working with horses. But who wants to shovel shit for the rest of their lives?

*points to self*


Posted at 7:41am Apr 26, 2012 EDT

You should try posting on Craigslist that you are an available nanny...and talk to your previous family and ask them if they would be able to provide a good reference for you since you left on good terms.

Amongst my mom's friends, a nanny with good references is gold.

Also, seriously if you have a Carmax near you, it can't hurt to take the first step and apply online - they will either call you or they don't and it takes 15 minutes.

Posted at 8:21am Apr 26, 2012 EDT

While you are looking for a permanent job, go to temp services. This can lead to full time.

Posted at 9:15am Apr 26, 2012 EDT

Years ago, this is how I landed the best job I ever had:

I went to a temp agency to sign up. Turns out they needed a receptionist right at the agency, so they hired me. One of the managers who kept coming in to hire employees used to joke with me: "when are you coming to work for me?"
I knew he worked at a great company so one day I got my resume, put on my suit, marched over there and called his bluff. I got hired....the temp agency wasn't thrilled but they got part of my paycheck for the first 3 months.

Posted at 11:57am Apr 26, 2012 EDT

grow veggies and sell at boston farmers markets? and pimp your shop

Posted at 12:00pm Apr 26, 2012 EDT

have you tried craft shows yet?

Posted at 12:01pm Apr 26, 2012 EDT

I dont know how things work in the US, but I never got a job through an interview in my life. During the 90's and a recession I would just walk into 50 small businesses a day with my resume and ask if they had places and if not, would they keep my resume on hand.. The theory was, there were like 300 people applying for a position and its time consuming and expensive for them to go through that. When positions came up theyd often go for a the quick option of interviewing me first before advertising. I also got quite a lot of temp work that way, occasional days or weeks when they were in a panic and just needed extra hands.....and for two years after I was fully pernamently employed again Id still get calls offering me some work. Something about seeing me in person as a human being made them keep my resume just in case.

I am so sorry hon. It sucks in a million kinds of way being out of work :(

Posted at 12:04pm Apr 26, 2012 EDT

HAHA...Buttons. How should I pimp my shop? If i could make money on doing what I do, I would in a heart beat! Your doing some craft shows right? How did you find them? I have found some, but most are like $100-$300 for a table, and to hell if I can afford that!

Posted at 12:21pm Apr 26, 2012 EDT