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Original Post

Men's soccer preliminary rounds today. Starting with Honduras versus Morocco at 7 AM Eastern

Posted at 6:50am Jul 26, 2012 EDT



Morocco and Honduras TIE at 2-2

coming up in a few minutes,
Mexico vs South Korea
Spain vs Japan

Spain is the heavy favorite to win this year.

Posted at 9:20am Jul 26, 2012 EDT

You should do a play by play, sports commenter style.

Posted at 10:19am Jul 26, 2012 EDT

that would get incredibly tricky once the full sports onslaught starts on saturday. there will be a dozen events going on at the same time!

Posted at 10:24am Jul 26, 2012 EDT

Japan scores! leading Spain 1-0 at the half!!

meanwhile, Mexico and South Korea are tied 0-0

Posted at 10:31am Jul 26, 2012 EDT

and if you have the online live streaming, the US Womens Gymnastics team is practicing

Posted at 10:34am Jul 26, 2012 EDT

No public threads, mister!

Posted at 11:06am Jul 26, 2012 EDT