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Original Post

Okay, we are actually finally getting somewhere on the house we are remodeling. The sheetrock guys are here!!!! EEEEEEEE! So now I have to pick out paint colors. I am kinda stuck on the kitchen. The house is a very country-style farm house. We will have wood laminate floors and wood cabinets. The outside is natural rough-cut cypress siding with a tin roof. I am wanting the floors to be a darker color and the cabinets will be a light oak. Not sure about the countertops yet, but I am thinking of a granite-style formica (can't afford the actual granite) in maybe a green marble. The kitchen will probably be decorated with John Deere accessories. LIke I said, we are country folk. I have a green utensil holder, a metal sign advertising tractors, and several white dishes of various types with John Deere emblems on them. I am trying to figure out what color to paint the kitchen. I don't want to go with the actual JD green or yellow because they are both really bright. Anyone have ideas?

Posted at 11:46am Aug 1, 2012 EDT


maybe a pale sage green, or a pale yellow, or light brown?

Posted at 11:47am Aug 1, 2012 EDT

I like the suggestion of pale yellow. Warm and inviting, without being too overwhelming.

Posted at 11:49am Aug 1, 2012 EDT

My kitchen is a very pale yellow (French Country style) and I love the color of the walls, it always makes it look sunny and inviting, even on gloomy days.

Plus a nice shade of light yellow should compliment the green tones.

Posted at 12:00pm Aug 1, 2012 EDT

My current kitchen is bright yellow ... it's a bit much. I'm renting, so I'll just live it with ;)

A pale yellow or light sage might coordinate with your accessories. If you have lots of color elsewhere in your kitchen, a simple shade of warm brown could be a good fit. Maybe a neutral hue you could pick out of the granite you'll be using?

Posted at 12:01pm Aug 1, 2012 EDT

We just remodeled our kitchen and the walls are a very pale creamy yellow...I love it.

Posted at 12:05pm Aug 1, 2012 EDT

I like the idea of a light yellow. It will have to be lighter than the yellow we used on our daughter's room where we are now. There is this yellow glow that emanates from her room LOL. And I thought I WAS getting a light yellow. Paint look so different on the walls instead of in the can. It needs to be a very pale yellow. I also like the idea of the sage green. It would have to be just the right shade to not clash with the bright green, but it could work. That's a color we had considered for my younger daughter's room, so maybe I could do them both that color and that's one less color to pick :)

Posted at 12:06pm Aug 1, 2012 EDT

Waterlily I love how you describe that color. I definitely want lots of light and sunny-ness. I have lots of windows to let light in and I want the decor to reflect that.

Posted at 12:07pm Aug 1, 2012 EDT

Behr Paints makes a really nice color, that's a nice combo of light yellow with a green tinted undertone, called Home Song (400C-2).

Posted at 12:09pm Aug 1, 2012 EDT

So many people like yellow that I pinterested it...

There are some nice, really light, ivoriesh painted ones I like.

Posted at 12:24pm Aug 1, 2012 EDT

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