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Original Post

Jo says
Edited on Aug 4, 2012

omfreakinggod! She did it and boy did she do it with style - my hubby is sat over on the sofafighting back the tears!!! and now over to watch the end of the footie to see if we can go one step further than the girls did?????? um not if they allow Aaron Ramsey to take another penalty we bloody wont!

Posted at 4:09 pm Aug 4, 2012 EDT



is it on youtube, tv, somewhere?

Posted at 4:30 pm Aug 4, 2012 EDT

eclipse from eclipse says


Posted at 4:34 pm Aug 4, 2012 EDT

Jo says

Dunno bout elsewhere hun but I just watched it on BBC1. I am in the UK xxx

Posted at 4:35 pm Aug 4, 2012 EDT

Jo says

The footie has gone to extra time bewteen GB and South Korea cos it was 1-1 at full time and Mo Farah is currently doing his thing in the 10000m too x

Posted at 4:37 pm Aug 4, 2012 EDT

eclipse from eclipse says

In the US they will probably show the Heptatholon in prime time, delayed.
they are showing the 10k live right now, I think it's live?

Posted at 4:39 pm Aug 4, 2012 EDT

Jo says

lol Oliver!!! I take you have a thing for the lovely Jess? Or was you wooting cos you have a thing for the entire mens GB footie team???

Jo x

Posted at 4:40 pm Aug 4, 2012 EDT

well...I'm wooting with you!!

Woot!! Woot!!

sounds freakin' exciting!

Posted at 4:41 pm Aug 4, 2012 EDT

Jo says

Yes - it's live on BBC1 and the footie is live on BBC3 x

Posted at 4:41 pm Aug 4, 2012 EDT

Jo says

omg omg omg

Posted at 4:46 pm Aug 4, 2012 EDT

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