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Original Post

EarthGrrrl says

All i can smell is kitty pee.

We went to the outside shooting range earlier and i kept getting whifs of it.

i was making dinner and i kept smelling pee.

i'm back in my craft room and all i can smell is pee pee.

it makes more sense in here, where the smell originated, by why would i be smelling it outside??

i think there are kitty pee dust molecules stuck in my conk.

Posted at 10:23 pm May 23, 2011 EDT


MABjewelry says

Yes! I've had that happen when I go crazy with the bleach cleaner!

Posted at 10:26 pm May 23, 2011 EDT

YES! Before you said kitty pee, I was thinking the same thing! When I had cats, that was the only smell that always seemed to get stuck in my nose!

Posted at 10:27 pm May 23, 2011 EDT

EarthGrrrl says

because bigfoot even said that the room smelled a million times better than it did before i ripped up all the carpet this morning.

let me just tell you, i swear, i thought i was going to PASS OUT from the stench earlier. Two layers of carpet and padding totally saturated with pee. Like ten feet worth. *puke*

But i swear now it's all i can smell. :(

Posted at 10:30 pm May 23, 2011 EDT

sniff some coffee beans or ground...that will help clear your nose

cat pee is the worst as are the stink bombs!

Posted at 10:32 pm May 23, 2011 EDT

thedots says

JadeCreations says

sniff some coffee beans or ground...that will help clear your nose

cat pee is the worst as are the stink bombs!

I was just about to suggest this! I used to work at a place that sold over 140 fragrance oils, and we had little tester bottles for people to sniff what the oils smelled like, and to 'clear' out their noses when they couldn't really tell what something smelled like after a while, we had a small tub of coffee beans for them to inhale, and their sense of smell was good as new.

Posted at 10:47 pm May 23, 2011 EDT

yeah I've had that happen.

Posted at 10:47 pm May 23, 2011 EDT

Lol.. yep, smelling beans fixes it. I always go put my nose in the hopper part of the espresso machines bean grinder when I can't get rid of the smell. Recently my husband asked "why are you always putting your nose in the espresso machine??!" I just said.. "why not?". He probably thinks I'm nuts.

Posted at 10:52 pm May 23, 2011 EDT

MissKym says

Do you have any essential oils or incense? That helps.

Posted at 10:59 pm May 23, 2011 EDT

Could you do a sinus rinse? That might help.....

Posted at 11:04 pm May 23, 2011 EDT

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