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Original Post

Goodness gracious - it's May already!

If you don't see your name in the list, it's because you haven't added it! Head on over to the Introduce Yourself thread and follow the instructions there so you can be added next month.

If you are new - jump on in, we don't bite!

We Are:
AbellaBlue = Jessica
aimeepawluk = Aimee
AlegraJewelry = Vicki
AlegriaDesigns = Marina
AlexSharDesigns = Gaynor
AlisonMooreDesigns = Ally
AmyEstelleMetalworks = Amy
anidem = Jesse
AnnealedHeart= Amanda
artdi = Diana
AZBluerockers = Mary Lou
bagsnstuff = Dianna
BeatrizFortes = Beatriz
BellaBijouJewellery = Jaime
BellaBijouToo = Jaime
bddesigns= Christen
bijoutery = Jen, Jennifer, or bijoutery
Brokentreasures= Amanda
Brontotheroocity= James L.
cabbingrough = LauraH
CGWhitfield = CG, or Cliff
CharOuellette = Char
corybethy = Cory
cutforyou = Keith Cler
DaisiemaiCreations = Janea
DaVineJewelry = Danielle
DeirdreCunningham = Deirdre
Dharlee = Dharlee aka Debbie
DiemDesignsJewelry = Sarah Jo
DominicanLounge= Alpha
Doxallodesigns = Janice
Doxallostudio = Janice
Duffy Designs= Duffy
Eklektisch = Cole
Elementaldesigns= Denise
EmilyWiserJewelry = Emily
Epiphany of a Dragonfly = Wanda
evelynjewelry = Evelyn
evittscreekarts= Lois
ericafreestone = Erica
EyemaginationRSB = Robin
FiliGraceJewelry = Grace
fix8ion = Tammy
FoldAndSpindle = Mike
FoxyGirlBoutique = Melissa
GirlLovesGlitter = Lilian
HappyTortoiseSupply = Jason
HappyTurtleDesigns = Ken
Hartleystudio = Ann
HRBeaDesign = Heather
InbarBareket = Inbar
JackStones = Jack
JaneaPauline = Janea
JaneDeaux = Gabby
JaneDeauxDeLuxe = Gabby
JazznJewelry = Kathy
JelliesJewelry = Jack
JenniferCasady = Jen or Jennifer
Jewelrybysala= Lori
Jewelrytutorials = Janice
JonesingforJewelry = Carin
Juliekirkjewellery = Julie
JudithGayleDesigns= Judy
KarlaWheelerDesign = Karla
karmahjean = Karen
KBerlinMetalsmith = Berlin
KellyDesignStudios = Kelly
kiliari = Raina
KimberlyBellDesigns = Kim
KimVGlass = Kim V
KitandCaboodleShop = Gayle
KriksSilver = Kristie
lamazonian = Vema
LaraLewis = Lara
LauraRoberson= Laura
Lilnut = Caroline
LjBjewelry=Laura Jane
litapsilverj = Lita
Littlecherryhill = Emma
Lovebuttonsca = Laura
lsueszabo = Sue
Luxedesignworkshop = Peg
madstarsilver = Marilyn
MarcusBerknerJewelry = Marcus
Markaplan = Mark
mattjohnsondesigns =Matt
Maythenwolfbane= Nicole
Metalluxe = Peg
MieleMelograno = Liz
MissToryDesigns = Lina
MoMoMetals = Mo
MostlyStoneware = Kathy
novadesigns = Tess
novaofsweden = Tess
NRjewellerydesign = Nikki
OiseauMetalArts= Damon
oller13= Vegas
OrmanaDesign = Katya
OverThinkingIt = Bree
Ppennee = Pennee
Prox = Jen
PureDichotomy = Wendy
Quite Clever Jewelry = E.B.
RadianTrace = Ronnie
Ranchiquita = Becki
sbevisdesigns = sue
ScrapMetal = Addie
SeaglassReinvented = Korie
ShireJewelry = Lisa
SilverBlueberry = Esmeralda
SilverLinesJewelry = Jenny
SilverMade Studio = Teresa
silvermaven= Carol and Jackie
SilverspotMetalworks = Jessee J. Smith
slathered = Sharon
StoneBeautiful = Jenn
StoneTemple = Mark
SToNZ = Susan
SugarCity = Grace
Tattooedgrannysgoods = Joni
thebutterflygirl = Veronika
TheSilverPearl = Mary Anne
TheSpeeceCollection = Pat
tinkertown = Sue (tinkerSue)
TeklasTreasures = Kyra
Treasuregypsy = Darcy
TreeFrogJewelry = Sheryl
TwoSilverMoons = Birgit
UnionStudioMetals= Michelle & Margarett
valerietyler = Valerie
verysmallbird = Heather
VillainAccessories = Brandi
VisionQuest = kim or VQ
WednesdaysDesign= Kristina (Wednesday)
wpcardenas= Wanda
Zenamels = Julie
2trickpony = Rachel
3sweetpeasjewelry = Gina

Posted at 1:25am May 1, 2012 EDT


wow, I seriously killed a new thread??

Posted at 1:39am May 1, 2012 EDT

Guess I'm all caught up. Good morning, and happy May day!

Posted at 2:33am May 1, 2012 EDT

it's MAY!!!!
I love the smell of a fresh thread. thanks for starting it Jaime!

no good news from casting class .. it was kind of a "meh" day.. i'm kinda in a pinch unitil I can get that mold made

oh well. it will happen this month

Posted at 2:42am May 1, 2012 EDT

Good morning!!

Wow, that finger thing last night was something- wonder if Chris will use it as a ring holder?
Still no Laura- she must be a busy girl.

Posted at 6:02am May 1, 2012 EDT

first page! ;)

thanks for the finger comments. ;)

and good morning!

Posted at 6:14am May 1, 2012 EDT

*sloshes coffee about as she stumbles in*

Posted at 6:19am May 1, 2012 EDT

Hi! Happy May!

Posted at 6:59am May 1, 2012 EDT

Hands Aimee a paper towel for clean up- you need a lid for your coffee!

Posted at 7:05am May 1, 2012 EDT

Happy May y'all.

Posted at 7:07am May 1, 2012 EDT