chattymetalsmiths Propane and Mapp gas-is it safe?

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Original Post

Hello all!

I was using for years propane gas to solder my jewelry.
Since I moved to another building, in a very hot place in Greece.

So I decided to take the small yellow can of propane and maap gas and not keep the huge propane tank that I used all these years...

I started to read the caution signs and.....THE HORROR!!!!

''Danger to be carcinogenic and highly toxic'' I think that this is due to the Maap that it includes. I know that all fumes are bad for you , that is why I use a mask when soldering, but my propane never had that sign on.It had the irritation sign, but not this!

So, what do you use?Propane or mapp? Or both? (Also now that I bought it they told me that it is more dangerous to explode than propane....)

Your opinion please!

Posted at 6:31 am Jun 14, 2012 EDT


I just use propane/air. Prpane in the small consumer size.

If you're familiar with the large propane tanks I wouldn't be overly concerned. Both propane and mapp can be very explosive, common sense for both.

Others will have lots more to say probably.

Posted at 1:10 pm Jun 14, 2012 EDT

I use only propane (atmospheric air). I tried maap once but I hated it. Too dirty! I had black things flying all over the place the moment I ignited it. It was maap only (no propane). Other than that I cannot say much about maap.

Posted at 2:48 pm Jun 14, 2012 EDT

Oh… but if you are using it on a well ventilated space and wearing a mask (the real deal, not the paper one) and if you are changing the filters regularly I wouldn't worry about it.

Use your common sense and as always be extra careful. The mask will protect you form the fumes and the ventilation will make sure that there's no build up of gas in one area. Also make sure that no gas is leaking out and and to be extra careful you can always close all the valves and bleed your hose after you are done soldering.

Posted at 2:52 pm Jun 14, 2012 EDT

I will give it a try (thank God I took the small size can)...
Also what is this crazy sign on it that says

''''Danger to be carcinogenic in the state of California'' on it???

Well, lets hope that since I am a long way from California, it won't be that dangerous....(lol)

Posted at 3:35 pm Jun 14, 2012 EDT

propane (bbq grill size) and oxy...

did MAPP way back when...

Posted at 3:55 pm Jun 14, 2012 EDT

Olympias from Olympias says
I will give it a try (thank God I took the small size can)...
Also what is this crazy sign on it that says

''''Danger to be carcinogenic in the state of California'' on it???

i think California causes cancer.... they just blame it on the broducts.

Posted at 4:01 pm Jun 14, 2012 EDT

thanks, Damon, i always wondered about that and try to stay away except for Death Valley, which i cannot believe is actually part of California..........

Posted at 5:18 pm Jun 14, 2012 EDT

california thinks everything is carcinogenic, including white bronze. *shrug*

Posted at 2:30 pm Jun 15, 2012 EDT

Lol, you guys are cracking me up with all of the California comments! Yes, we Californians tend to lead the way in laws regarding peoples health and safety, but the key is using common sense. :) I also use propane and's what I learned on, and am comfortable with.

Posted at 2:29 am Jun 16, 2012 EDT

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