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Original Post

As artists, writers and curators we draw upon different pieces of puzzles to invent our own work. These pieces can be novels or stories and their authors, songs and their singers, memories, etc. Name your top 10 inspirations...

Posted at 5:53pm Jan 27, 2011 EST


1-Kate Bush with her lyrics, dance and voice. I especially love her confidence, her lack of fear. She gets her universe across in it's raw state, and THAT is what I love in a woman.

2-Bukowski- his brutal honesty, and rough outer shell with a lost little boy inside. I adore his conversational style, with little or no rules.

let's start with that for now..

Posted at 5:56pm Jan 27, 2011 EST

1.Maya Angelou... When I read her writing or hear her speak I just feel I would believe anything she says.

2.Tori Amos...she is a goddess to me. I think her voice is insane and watching her perform is simply amazing. I love her lyrics, her strength and her hair.

3.Cyndi Lauper..some people tease me about my love for her but I don't care. She is eccentric and confident and quirky and she has a beautiful voice and it's all wrapped up in this little body with big hair.

4.My father...he raised 2 kids on his own while working full time. He instilled in me his love of music and movies. I have memories of Bob Marley and Dire straits playing throughout the house. He is the funniest person I know, he's intelligent and he is a little crazy.

5.Italy..I traveled there in high school and it was just stunning there. Every place I saw was full of beauty,art,romance,history and food. It felt like home and I feel a pull in me to return. Oh and the lemon trees!

6.Fleetwood Mac...this is my favorite band of all time. 3 lead singers all with their own qualities. Intertwining love stories among the members. Lyrics that are sometimes simple and sometimes complex. Stevie's voice..Lindsey's voice(he's totally my biggest "old man" crush).


Posted at 5:46pm Jan 28, 2011 EST

rasp, you could be my twin!

Posted at 1:13am Jan 29, 2011 EST

I have to think about this
But I LOVE a book called The Red Tent, I love Zora Neale Hurston and Amy Tan
I will really be thinking about this:)

Posted at 1:29pm Jan 29, 2011 EST

Hollie May and Courtney Joy..raspberry and blueberry twins....LOL. I can see a comic book. We'd play in the woods,craft and listen to Kate Bush.

Posted at 4:30pm Jan 29, 2011 EST

Musically, the storytelling and descriptive lyrics of The Decemberists and of Neko Case readily strike a chord with me (just saw that pun, sorry!).

Authors.... Jeanette Winterson is so inspiring in her lyricism. I have been reading a lot of literary criticism lately, not the most inspiring genre, but Sianne Ngai's work breaks all the rules of how to write essays, and it is really entertaining, so she's on my list too.

Posted at 11:14am Feb 8, 2011 EST

when I get in my artwork trance I love to veg out to snow patrol, kings of leon, florence & the machine, minus the bear, modest mouse and the xx! sometimes i will be driving to work and i'll hear a lyric and i will think about it in a whole new way and when i get home no one can come between me and my epiphany.

poetry, quotes and lyrics are a pretty big inspiration for me, i have incorporated Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickinson as far as poets go.

Posted at 10:02pm Apr 18, 2011 EDT

@MollysMuses - I LOVED The Red Tent!

Personally, I am in love with Arthurian Legends, and really any mythology. But the stories of King Arthur really captivate me :-)

Music, I typically listen to heavy metal...Iron Maiden tells stories, believe it or not! Also, Lorenna McKinnet (Sp?) and Heather Dale are both fantastic musicians who are not in my normal heavy metal genre. Plus, there's all the belly dance music... ;-)

Posted at 9:42am Apr 23, 2011 EDT

mm love all of your inspirations!

Posted at 10:12am Apr 29, 2011 EDT

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