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Original Post

I've always used sterling silver chain and findings, but I'm planning on making some costume jewelry and I don't want to use sterling. I'm looking in the RioGrande catalog and was just about set on stainless steel, then I saw something labelled 'immitation rhodium plated' chain. It's about the same price as the steel, does anyone have an opinion or suggestion? Which would maintain it's silver look longer? Thanks.

Posted at 7:01pm Apr 1, 2012 EDT


to add a few more metal times into the mix, there is silver filled wire, newly created in the last couple of years to deal w/ high silver prices
also there is aluminum chain

Posted at 7:31pm Apr 1, 2012 EDT

A stainless steel chain will never tarnish or lose its silver color. It is also very strong and almost the same color as sterling. I would go with the stainless chains.

Posted at 12:07am Apr 2, 2012 EDT

I would go with stainless steel! I work with it a lot and LOVE it!

Posted at 12:40am Apr 3, 2012 EDT

Amy D from PartsbyNC says

I just went through searching out cheaper chains and I would go with stainless as well. Don't know about you, but working with solid metals I just couldn't bring myself to use something that is plated...

Posted at 2:17am Apr 5, 2012 EDT

I think I'm going with the stainless so I can stay under $2/foot. Thanks for your opinions!

Posted at 11:21am Apr 5, 2012 EDT