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Original Post

A new thread with the same mission...

Let's keep this thread going and raise some interest in visual art on Etsy!

Got a question about art / technique / materials / history- want to just talk art? Whatever's on your mind! Let's go!

**Anyone is welcome to join in at any time! Come chat with us!**

(This is a continuation of the thread )

Posted at 11:53 am Jan 29, 2011 EST


Thanks so much for kicking this off, jamie!

Posted at 12:26 pm Jan 29, 2011 EST

Oh good, I was getting worried
about having nowhere to go to ask about art techniques and materials...
is the name of the team "let's talk art" ?

Posted at 1:44 pm Jan 29, 2011 EST

Hello. Thanks, Jamie, for setting this up.

Posted at 2:29 pm Jan 29, 2011 EST

What do I do when I hit a dry spell or things aren't going right - I put down my tools and step away from the work place. I read a mystery, I go out and take pictures, I work on my genealogy - in other words, I just get away from it altogether for a day or two, or a week. I don't even think about it until one day I start getting antsy and just have to do SOMETHING and it seems to work.

Posted at 2:38 pm Jan 29, 2011 EST

That's pretty much what I try to do too, Martha... although when I have commissions to get through, it's hard to step away!

But, I've learnt that I really don't appreciate pressure- I can handle it, and still get things done, but I much prefer to kid myself into thinking that there isn't any.

I know some people really thrive under it... but I don't :)

Do you listen to music or anything when you're working?

Different music makes me paint in different ways... I don't mean paint different things- but like, physically move the brushes in a different way.

Posted at 4:52 pm Jan 29, 2011 EST

TinFena- the name of the team is Techniques &Materials... Let's Talk Art is one of the discussions threads in that team.

It shows up in your profile as Teams>Techniques&Materials - but you can also access this discussion from 'View threads you've posted in' in the forums.

Posted at 4:56 pm Jan 29, 2011 EST

Thank you Jamie!

Posted at 5:04 pm Jan 29, 2011 EST

jcstrong says

Hi! Everyone and thanks Jamie for your efforts.

Tinfena, I walk to the park and library. I love the library and it's relaxing. No TV or phones...

Posted at 6:50 pm Jan 29, 2011 EST

Hi everybody, I don't have a lot of my art in my etsy shop but I've enjoyed the art thread for a long time. Wonderful to see it here.

Posted at 8:10 pm Jan 29, 2011 EST

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