Techniques & Materials Best way to prevent my images bleeding when making pendants

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Original Post

Does anyone know a way or technique to prevent my images from bleeding when I use diamond glaze?

Posted at 5:34am Nov 6, 2011 EST


I print my stuff out on cardstock and then coat each side with 3 coats of clear nail polish, drying well in between coats. Then I cut out my images. It makes it almost like plastic.

Posted at 9:59am Nov 6, 2011 EST

I've read that putting them between packing tape works well too.

Posted at 10:00am Nov 6, 2011 EST

Aja says

Try Judikins Microglaze, it's a wax sealer and can be purchased right here on Etsy.

Posted at 11:48am Nov 6, 2011 EST

I seal all my images with Modge Podge before using glaze or resin

Posted at 8:37pm Nov 6, 2011 EST

I agree with TKI, use Modge Podge.

Posted at 9:55am Nov 7, 2011 EST

Micro Glaze is the BEST. Acid free and doesn't add any depth to your pendant.

I sell it at my sight

Posted at 3:07pm Jan 15, 2012 EST

Cathy from PosyPop says

I also seal images with at least 2 coats of Mod Podge and dont have any images run.

Posted at 5:23pm Jan 15, 2012 EST

I have to get my images printed on laserjet printers instead of inkjet. Laser jet doesn't bleed.

Posted at 5:51pm Jan 15, 2012 EST

I just started using a product called Nunn Design Sealant.
It works great!

Posted at 12:15am Feb 24, 2012 EST

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