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Original Post

Hi Cat People -- and cats, of course! Put down that catnip mouse for just a second...

Let's keep a current list of members' websites and blogs. We can just keep adding to this as time goes on, because I know some of us are in the process of creating these things. Sometimes I try to remember somebody's blog address, and I can't find it in all the discussion topics! This will make it easier!

I just finished my website, so I'll start this list. I'll add the blog later -- whenever that gets done. Please add your stuff! This will be fun!

Posted at 12:18 pm Jul 16, 2012 EDT


It's FABULOUS! Well done.

Here is my blog.

Posted at 2:10 pm Jul 16, 2012 EDT

BHB, that sounds like a excellent and very organised idea:)

I really am *cough* going to revive my moribund blog sometime very soon so will post as soon as I have.....

Going to look at both your blogs now and follow:)

Posted at 2:44 pm Jul 16, 2012 EDT

BHB, I love the "We do all the work", lol!!

Well, <<< herself thinks she does, too:)

Posted at 2:50 pm Jul 16, 2012 EDT

Thanks!! Both workers are sound asleep now -- completely exhausted!

Amber, you know I love your blog, and now I know where I can find the address! Anna, I'm looking forward to seeing yours! :-D

Posted at 3:16 pm Jul 16, 2012 EDT

Thanks BHB. I have a post about a director's chair featuring Loki that I need to do.

Posted at 9:01 pm Jul 16, 2012 EDT

Great!! I can't wait to see Loki's chair! :-D

Posted at 11:33 pm Jul 16, 2012 EDT

BHB - the site looks great! How fun, nice job:)

This thread is a great idea! I have two blogs: one is, and then I decided to see what Tumblr was all about (very glad that I did!) that one is

Both get posted in once per week, I wish I could post in them more often! Nice sites everyone:)

Posted at 7:23 pm Jul 17, 2012 EDT

Thanks, Kelly! Great blogs! Tell me, why do you have two? Do you get more views that way?

Posted at 8:12 pm Jul 17, 2012 EDT

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