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Original Post

Nonteam Treasury Blitz 58!

Hi Everyone!
Nonteam blitz treasuries are exciting because they are not judged are just for fun and for promoting the shops that participate in the weekly challenge.

The guidelines to follow for these treasuries are:

1.You MUST include 6 nonteam shops in the first twelve slots of your treasury. Remember you have to include ONLY those shops that had participated in the previous weekly challenge.

You can find participating shops:-
*On the left sidebar of the blog,
*On our buyer account,
*By searching "nonteamchallenge 82" for all items on etsy.
*In our Challenge 82 Entry thread.

** For challenge 82 participants the blog will be updated on Monday. It doesn't really matter which list you use and whether or not it's been updated. Just use whatever is up on the day that you make your blitz.

2.You can choose any one theme and make one treasury OR you can make as many as you like, just remember that each treasury should be based on any one of the five themes.

3.Tag your treasury as - nonteamblitz 58.

4.These treasuries are just for fun to promote shops that regularly participate in the weekly challenge.

5. You can make as many as you like and whenever you like!
Until the next week's themes are announced (On Mondays).

6.Follow Etsy’s treasury Do's and Don'ts.

7.Don't forget to put a link to our blog in your description:

8.Don’t forget to leave a link of your treasury on this page. Please leave your links in the current Blitz thread. Do not start your own thread.

Themes for this week are:

1. Father’s Day: With little under a month until Father’s Day (and Germany’s Father’s Day falling on May 17), now is the time to list your full line of offerings to commemorate dad. Think in terms of classic gifts, new dads, and don’t forget about gifts for granddad. Popular gift categories include gadgets, phone cases, docking stations, sports gear and accessories, fashion accessories for men, cards, and ways to let dad sit back and relax.

2. Graduations: College and university graduations take place in early to mid-May while high school ceremonies usually take place in early to mid-June. Think in terms of keepsake gifts, personalization, milestone achievements, and innovative ways to present cash gifts. Don’t forget about those end of the year gift ideas for teachers, too.

3.Weddings: Wedding season is in full swing; determine how your line of goods could expand into wedding offerings and tag accordingly if appropriate to show up in Etsy’s newly launched Weddings experience.

4. Gardening: It’s spring planting time. Consider indoor, outdoor and urban gardens, tools, aprons and gloves, plant markers and signs, containers, vertical solutions, heirloom seeds and composting.

5. Prom, Parties and Glam: Party-style dresses, vintage frocks, and the glamorous accessories to complete the perfect look. Also trending: makeup, false eyelashes, nail polish and stickers, and hair pins.

May is known as National Barbecue, Photograph, and Bike Month.

May 16-27 Cannes Film Festival
May 17 Father’s Day (Germany)
May 18 International Museum Day
May 18 National Bike to Work Day
May 21 Victoria Day (Canada)

Happy Curating!

Have fun!
*If you have any concerns or questions, please do let me know.

Posted at 11:22 pm May 13, 2012 EDT

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