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Open to everyone, buyers and sellers. Make as many treasuries as you like, use any sellers who strike your fancy. Though it's really nice to feature team members when it works for your treasury!

-Be sure to use 'treland' as one of your treasury tags so that we can find your creations easily. Also, use treland as a tag for items in your shop. Yes, it takes time but it helps your teammates find your items and include them in more treasuries!

-Don't miss the daily (well, almost) 'Spotlight Attack' which features a new team member each day in treasuries.

-If you're posting in a 'latest treasuries' thread, take a moment to check out a couple of the treasuries above your post and comment. And it would be extra nice if you stopped by the curator's shop to get to know them better. It's all about supporting your teammates. Nobody is keeping track, but it's just 'nice'.


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Original Post

***I'm having a 50% off sale right now. Use coupon code CLEAR50 at checkout!***

Thanks for looking!

Posted at 10:44pm Jun 24, 2012 EDT


I just joined a new team... TheGoldenGirls Team and in celebration I am offering a 50% off coupon code that is good for a week....

Use coupon code GOLDENGIRLS50 for 50% off anything in my shop (except Special Listings) good till July 5th 2012.

Have a great day, Arlene

Posted at 12:24pm Jun 28, 2012 EDT

LAST 2 DAYS of this great sale...

Use coupon code GOLDENGIRLS50 for 50% off anything in my shop (except Special Listings) good till July 5th 2012.

Have a great day, Arlene

Posted at 9:01am Jul 4, 2012 EDT

I'm having a 20%.......because the sun came out

i don't know if you know but here we have had atrocious weather for months, the sun came out today so I decided to have a sale

The Sale will run until 12 midnight on Sunday 8th July gmt

Here's the code


Posted at 8:53am Jul 5, 2012 EDT

I'm having a sale, but it's not a coupon code. I started my Christmas in July sale early since I had the time to do it this morning. I moved about 40 items into my sale section - discounted between 10 and 30%!

Here are a few examples:

Posted at 3:34pm Jul 8, 2012 EDT

My Christmas in July sale:

From now until July 31, use coupon code: 15OFF to get 15% off any item in stock!

Posted at 6:00pm Jul 8, 2012 EDT

We're moving to Michigan and having a moving sale! Select items now half off:

Posted at 1:28am Jul 10, 2012 EDT