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Original Post

From her thread on Shipping:
The last shipping thread was more than 700 pages long with info scattered throughout so I've summed up the helpful info in that thread and linked to it all from one spot to make it easier to find.

Shipping Basics

~~~ Shipping 101 ~~~
The basics

~~~ Shipping Service Choices ~~~
First Class Mail, Priority…

~~~ Getting a Handle on International Shipping ~~~
Using First Class International makes setting your rates easy!

~~~ Shipping Through Paypal ~~~
Once you start shipping from home with Paypal's labels, you'll never want to go back to standing on lines at the PO.

~~~ Shipping Through Paypal–Regardless of How the Customer Paid ~~~
Info for creating labels for items paid for by check or money order, or even for just sending gifts to friends & family…

~~~ International First-Class Mail: Print Labels From Your Computer ~~~
Paypal doesn't offer them, but if you have PC, you can still have nice printed labels for your International First Class Mail packages. (Sorry, not available for Macs.)

* ~~~ How Etsy's "Secondary Shipping" works ~~~
Many sellers have a hard time figuring out how to set up their Secondary Shipping.

* ~~~ Figuring Out Your Secondary Shipping ~~~
Getting accurate secondary shipping rates doesn't have to be difficult.

~~~ USPS Shipping Zone Tool ~~~
You'll need this to figure out Priority Mail rates when using the USPS Shipping Calculator.

~~~ Priority Mail: by Weight or Flat Rate? ~~~
Often shipping by weight is a much better deal!

* ~~~ Do I need a customs form? ~~~
The short answer is:
You need a customs form if your package has "potentially dutiable contents".
Click this post's link for the long answer and the links to the page on the USPS website where you can see this for yourself.

~~~ Shipping Insurance ~~~
You can insure International First Class Mail! Information on third-party insurance companies.

~~~ Marking Your Package "Gift" on the Customs Form ~~~
Don't do it unless you are sending a gift to someone you know.

~~~ Missing package? Package missing its contents? ~~~
Find out what to do about it here.

~~~ Getting a PO Box ~~~
Protect your personal info. It may be rare to be harassed, but better safe than sorry.

* ~~~ International Shipping ~~~
Info on Prohibited & Restricted Items

*Posts that might be helpful to folks shipping from outside the US.

Happy shipping!

Posted at 11:01pm Feb 6, 2011 EST


GoTo says
Edited on May 13, 2011

Thanks for posting a link to my blog!

You'll often find me in this thread in the main forums if you need help:

Posted at 5:25am May 13, 2011 EDT

bumping Goto's blog for her

Posted at 2:38am Oct 7, 2011 EDT

Thank you for the blog link. Do you know, can one use PayPal shipping service if it it goes from Europe, not from US?

Posted at 5:36am Oct 20, 2011 EDT

GoTo from GoTo says

I haven't heard of anyone besides US & Canadian sellers having Paypal shipping, but your country's website might have a labels service you can use if you can't use Paypal. I know the US Postal Service has some labels with postage available online.

Posted at 1:33am Oct 21, 2011 EDT

just sending this to the top

Posted at 12:50am Jan 28, 2012 EST

GoTo from GoTo says

Hi Runz!

I've just posted updated First Class rate charts for easy reference:

Posted at 7:29am Jan 30, 2012 EST

GoTo from GoTo says

Just a heads up--I've just updated the main blog page (first link in this thread) with links to recent shipping posts.

Posted at 7:38pm Jul 7, 2012 EDT

Bumping because GoTo has the new rates on her blog

Posted at 1:46am Sep 1, 2012 EDT