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UK Cake Eaters and Chat Team has the following requirements:

This is a team for UK based sellers and Ex-Pats from the UK who have migrated all over the world and miss this green and pleasant land... anyone can join really but please do not spam threads with links unless you intend to stay and chat, there are dedicated threads for this within the team.

ONE SMALL RULE - please, please do not talk about other Etsy sellers in a negative way (either by name or even hinting at an identity, Etsy can work it out!): this is known as 'calling out' and is banned on the Etsy forums. Thank you!

Follow us on twitter for updates and team posts:!/EtsyUKCakeChat

TIP FOR UK SELLERS - tag your items with 'UK' so other sellers in the UK can find you and buy lovely things from you! :)
It also helps when UK members are putting together treasuries, and they want to feature other UK Sellers.

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