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Original Post

List your blogs below, I'd love to stop by!

Here is mine :

Come by and say hello :)


Posted at 4:52pm Sep 13, 2011 EDT


I've been following you for a while - I love the campfire-less smores! yum!

Here's mine

Posted at 10:34am Sep 14, 2011 EDT

Thanks Orange! OMW over to your blog as well right now :)

Posted at 5:57pm Sep 20, 2011 EDT

Who is out there blogging and crafting?!

Here is my HOW TO "Tuesday" for today : Vacation Memory Box!

..Come by my blog and say hello :) That'd be spiffy!

Happy Tuesday everyone,

Posted at 5:57pm Sep 20, 2011 EDT

Hello! New to the team.

Just started my tumbr. Hopefully am doing alright. Feel free to stop by and check it out. Thanks!

Posted at 2:39pm Sep 22, 2011 EDT

Here's mine for today!

Vacation in Instanbul and Ephesus - pictures!

Come by and say hello!

Posted at 6:30pm Sep 22, 2011 EDT

can anyone recommend a blogger who does reviews without requesting a freebie? They are costly in my shop...thanks in advance

Posted at 2:33pm Sep 29, 2011 EDT

Add a party photo wall to your next shindig!  So fun!  Here's how :

Feel free to follow my blog if you're an avid blog reader, and stop by often to chat!
Happy Wednesday,

Posted at 12:52pm Oct 12, 2011 EDT