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Original Post

I've checked the suggested tags in Etsy search and I guess that considering the small amount of my listings (I'm working on it!) I'm doing ok in search results. But as English isn't my first language, I was wondering if I'm missing something important in tagging my listings. I'm worried that I'm just translating the words I'd use myself.

Would some of you English speakers go through my tags to see if I could add something? I'm also open to all other suggestions, so feel free to look around.

Posted at 5:21 am Aug 11, 2012 EDT


Took a look, even though your socks are unisex, you should also include men women in tags. Also consider "made in finland" and finland as search terms
They are beautiful, unfortunately, I live in Texas where it was 108 degrees yesterday
Also consider adjectives like warm and cozy

Posted at 5:43 pm Aug 11, 2012 EDT

Thanks a lot! I was considering those men-women tags but wasn't sure.

Posted at 12:42 am Aug 12, 2012 EDT

p.s. Exellent. I also added "made in finland" tag and an hour after that I get a view from Etsy search "finland".

Posted at 4:24 am Aug 12, 2012 EDT

Hi, I think your tags are fine but here are some extra suggestions, as it's a good idea to use single and double words that people would likely type in the search bar:
knitted socks, woollen socks, hand knitted, footwear, knitted apparel, childs socks, childrens socks, adults socks, bed socks
I know you have some of these words but I just want to add some others too.

I would definitely add to your shop so you'll be ready for the US winter season. Can you make them in other colours? You could show some in other available colours, or use a secondary listing photo with a ball of wool in the other colours available so people can see what's available. Just a thought. Good luck with your shop!

Posted at 7:46 am Aug 12, 2012 EDT

Thanks for the tag suggestions Pauline. Those sound like the ones I was looking for.

And yes, I've thought of adding other colors and maybe other sizes too, so that potential customers would be able to choose between made to order and ready to ship. Winter/holiday season scares me a little because right now it's really difficult to estimate the amount of work.

Posted at 1:24 pm Aug 12, 2012 EDT

i just have to add your socks are amazing!

Posted at 1:54 pm Aug 12, 2012 EDT

Thank you!

Posted at 2:04 pm Aug 12, 2012 EDT

Hey Debi, don't I know you from our favourite team?!!

Posted at 5:37 pm Aug 12, 2012 EDT

Ok, one more question:

I did some tag research and saw knit socks being tagged "slippers" or "slipper socks". Would you really call wool socks that, or are these people simply miss-tagging to appear in more searches?

Posted at 3:18 am Aug 26, 2012 EDT

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